How to generate battery status reports in Windows 10

Today we are going to see how to generate a report of the battery status of my laptop in Windows with two very simple methods. We will also recommend an app to monitor its operation in real time.

The laptop battery is extremely important, after all they are what allows us to have portability in them. Thanks to these we can use our laptop wherever we want for a certain amount of time.

The problem is that over time the performance of the battery suffers and it lasts less and less. Therefore, the ideal is to have reports of the status of the same to be attentive and in this way know when is the ideal time to make a change.

In this article we are going to see how to have a report of the battery status of my laptop with two quite effective methods. We will also see an app that allows us to monitor the battery in question in real time. Ideal for those who want to take care of its autonomy at all times.

How to generate battery status reports in Windows 10

With Windows 10 we can generate a report on the status of the battery to be able to check its health. There are certain apps that will allow us to carry out this process quite quickly. We can also do it with the same operating system options.

  • What we can do is go to ” Command Prompt ” for this we will have to press ” Windows + R ” and then type ” CMD “.
  • After this we are going to write the command powercfg / baterryreport . In this way we can see how the report in question is generated below the command line that we added at the beginning.
  • The report is in HTML format, which means that you can view it without any kind of problem with Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. In this report we will be able to appreciate in detail an enormous amount of information regarding the maximum capacity, the load cycles, manufacturing materials , etc.
  • We will also find a history of the duration of the laptop when using the battery and the capacity of it.

How to check my laptop battery status

In case you want to use a slightly more graphical tool, then we recommend that you use BaterryInfoView . The app is completely free and shows you all the information you need to know to know the status of your laptop’s battery. In turn, we will also find varied information that will surely be quite useful. Similar to the report we saw earlier, although a little more detailed and easy to understand.

Another thing we recommend you do is monitor the battery and its operation for a while . For this we are going to use an app called BaterryMon which is also free. You can see in real time everything that happens with your laptop’s battery.

You will also have the possibility to view the load and consumption history of it. It is ideal to be aware of the performance of the same in real time. What you should keep in mind is that at some point your laptop battery will run worse and worse.

This is something that will always happen, since it has a useful life and once concluded, it is best to choose to buy another battery , which is not too expensive either. However, we can do a few things to extend its life.

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