How to Exit Full Screen Mode in Photoshop

If we are going to talk about photo editing applications , we must necessarily mention the Adobe Photoshop program . The original purpose of Photoshop is photo editing. However, it is also suitable for creating images, adding text, editing with this platform and creating graphics.

Over the years, the application has been perfected and many tools have been added to it that make it increasingly useful and versatile. Although there are other alternatives to Photoshop, today it is used for web page design, graphic editing, photocomposition, etc. Its users range from graphic design and photography professionals to amateurs and the curious.

How to Exit Full Screen Mode in Photoshop – Quick Fix

Due to the boom that digital photography has had in recent years , Photoshop has become more popular and has reached the family level with the incorporation of effects to photographs. One of the flagship features of this app is the Screen Modes. In this post we are going to talk about the different screen modes that Photoshop has and what its usefulness is in the field of design.

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  1. What are the available screen modes for Photoshop use?
    1. For standard screen use
    2. View full screen as menu bar
    3. Like Photoshop full screen
  2. Complete Guide to Change Screen Mode in Photoshop
    1. From the top menu bar
    2. With the left toolbar
    3. Using keyboard shortcuts

What are the available screen modes for Photoshop use?

Screen modes are one of the recent improvements to the app . This function allows us to modify the interface to adapt it to our editing needs. Screen mode allows you to make more extensive use of the screen, focusing more on the image and hiding the menu windows. Photoshop has three visible screen modes.

For standard screen use

This is the default mode of the Photoshop interface . In this type of screen we can see the different editing tools on both sides of the screen and in a visible way.

View full screen as menu bar

This screen mode is similar to full screen mode, except that the editing toolbar is still visible. Other elements that could distract us are hidden, such as the icons of the operating system that appear in the lower margin.

Like Photoshop full screen

This screen mode hides all the elements available in previous modes , such as menus, taskbars, and scrolling. Allows you to focus more on the image to be edited which occupies the entire screen. Editing tools can be accessed by swiping to the sides of the screen.

Complete Guide to Change Screen Mode in Photoshop

Photoshop has other display modes that are hidden but are also useful when editing images or graphics. The interesting thing is that the user can change the screen mode and adapt it to his liking. In this guide we will show you how to do it.

From the top menu bar

If you are going to edit an image and want to change the screen mode, you just have to do the following: if you already have the image on the default screen , you must go to the top menu of the interface. Locate the View window and once you press it, the options will appear, choose Screen Mode and once there, the different screen modes will appear. Now you just have to choose the one you are looking for.

With the left toolbar

The procedure is similar to the previous one, only this time you must go to the left menu of the taskbar. There look for a window similar to two superimposed boxes, when clicking on it the different available screen modes will appear. Just choose the one that interests you and that’s it.

Using keyboard shortcuts

This is perhaps the easiest way to change Photoshop’s display mode. Once the image is open in the default interface, you just have to press the letter F on your keyboard . Each time you touch, a different screen mode will appear. Press as many times until the one that interests you appears.

Shortcuts are very useful as they make editing easier and faster . The application has many of them that are available and you can research on the web to familiarize yourself with them. We hope you download and install Photoshop and this tutorial will be useful for you and you will learn to use the different Photoshop screen modes and in this way get the most out of this valuable application for photo editing and design.


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