How to enable or disable media key control in Google Chrome

Without any doubt, the browser that is adding incredible new features to its platform is Google Chrome. And for some time now, this wanted browser include a control that allows you to control the functions of the audio and video player. It is for this reason that we will present you an article that will tell you how to activate or deactivate the multimedia key control in Google Chrome.

Adding functions is what this browser does the most, it never tires of adding extensions and add-ons that allow better interaction with the user. And have an answer for all your needs. This is what we do when we want to add a dictionary to the Google Chrome browser for free.

Currently, to offer better control over multimedia reproductions, Google Chrome in its latest update has added the Play and Pause button . Which you can activate very easily or in the cases that you want to deactivate you can also do it in a simple way, you just have to follow the following steps.

How to enable or disable media key control in Google Chrome

The instructions that we are going to give you will work so much so that you can   activate or deactivate the control of multimedia keys in Google Chrome . In this case, what can you use the Play and Pause button for, which will be activated in the search tool bar. The first thing we must do is go to the address bar and we will write the following address.

chrome: // flags once this is done, we must press the Enter key, this action will take us to the experimental options page of Google Chrome. This page has its own search bar and in it we must write the following Global Media Control. It will appear as the first option and on the right side you can see that it is disabled.

Since the message it shows is Default, now we must enable it, for this we must click on this option and it will show us two more options and we must choose Enabled. The next step to take is to restart the Google Chrome browser . We are going to do this by clicking on the blue button at the bottom that indicates Relaunch.

When you restart the browser, the changes that have been made will be applied, now when you are playing some multimedia content. Whether it is audio or video, the Play and Pause button will be activated and will remain in this mode no matter you close the playback.

How to use the Google Chrome multimedia key control

The first thing you should do is click on the Play button, this action will generate a small box, it will show the title of the reproduction. The address or URL and the multimedia key control , Play, pause, forward and backward. If you are playing a YouTube video for example, you will be able to see the thumbnail image in a small window.

It is important that you understand that with the video platform, with which they work better is with YouTube and presumably. With another platform such as Netflix , you can only use the Play and Pause button. The other buttons do not work and there is no preview in the window that has the multimedia controls, but autoplay can work .

As you can see, it is a very practical tool and although it does not work very well with other platforms as used as YouTube, it does not hurt to have it active in your browser. Now remember that if you want to deactivate this function, you only have to perform the steps that we indicated at the beginning and the Enable option must go to Default.

In this way everything will be as you found it and the function will be deactivated, in this simple way the Google Chrome extensions work . And in this short tutorial we were able to show the guidelines to enable or disable the multimedia key control in Google Chrome.


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