How to activate the new Google Chrome extensions menu easily

As is known to all, Google Chrome lets you add a lot of features to your browser through extensions. All this so that your browser is the most complete of all. But as this platform does not cease to amaze us , you have now created a new option and in this article we will show you ,  how to activate the new menu Google Chrome Extensions easily.

When you download an extension or add-on to your browser , they are placed on the right side of the search or address bar. If you have downloaded a lot of these useful tools, the space tends to get very small and they pile up. Now you will be able to have a single icon indicating where the extensions are.

This browser is becoming a tool that not only allows us to surf the web , it also offers us other suitable options to carry out our daily work. Apart from this, we can, for example, activate the secure password generator and thus many other functions that the user will always have at hand.

How to activate the new Google Chrome extensions menu easily

It is that it sounds more logical to have an Extensions menu, due to the large amount that exists and which we can download to our browser. The best thing about all this is that if you activate the new Google Chrome extensions menu . And this one does not please you at all, you can reverse the process and continue using the extensions as you used to.

The steps that we will indicate below will allow you to see all the extensions that you have installed in your browser from a new menu. To do this you have to open a development tab and so that you have access to the configuration options. You must write the following chrome: // flags in the address bar and then you must press the Enter key.

Steps to activate the new Google Chrome extensions menu

After we have written the address in the Google Chrome browser and pressed Enter, a page will appear that shows us experimental functions and a large number of options. On this same page there is a search bar and in it you must write the following address chrome: // flags / # extensions-toolbar-menu and then you must press Enter.

On the page you will be shown a single result and next to a blue bar indicating that this option is disabled. To activate it you must click on this bar and choose the option that activates the option, once this process is done you must restart the Google Chrome browser . To do this, you must click on the Relaunch option located at the bottom right of the page.

Once the browser has been restarted, the next step you are going to perform is to check that the new extensions menu has been activated. For that, you must go to the right side of your browser and there where the extensions were before, you will only find an icon. Clicking on it will show a menu with all the extensions installed in your browser.

Now you can check all the space you have gained in this area of ​​the browser, just by activating the extensions menu in this simple way . To find it is very easy too, you just have to hover over this icon and it will show you the name Extensions , click on it and it will show you what it contains.


Also at the end of this menu, you can see the optionManage Extensions and it will take you to a page where it shows you each of the installed extensions. Here it offers you details about each of them and the option to Remove in cases where you no longer want this add-on. And so you have learned how to activate the new Google Chrome extensions menu easily.


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