How to easily record my Windows PC screen in HD

At first, working as a youtuber involved making a large financial investment in advanced microphones and cameras. If you want to be a famous youtuber without investing much in audiovisual equipment, read this tutorial to learn how to record your Windows PC screen in HD and easily. With the best program that does not have to envy television studios: Action.

What is Action?

Lest you think that we are exaggerating with the introduction of the program, we show you some things you can do with “Mirillis Action” or known simply as Action:

  • Record online games.
  • Capture all the web videos you want; even those on YouTube.
  • Create tutorial videos and be the best youtuber on the entire Web.
  • Capture videos, running from media players in windowed and full-screen mode.
  • Record all the applications and websites you want.

Explaining all these great Action features would make this post very lengthy. So for now we will focus on teaching you how to record your Windows desktop in full screen and in high definition. Let’s get started!

How to easily record my Windows PC screen in HD with Action

Action allows you to record and also stream in real time from your Windows desktop with excellent quality : 4K Ultra HD resolution up to 3840 × 2160, with no time limit.

  1. Active screen recording mode is designed to capture video from the Windows desktop , with the best screen recording performance on the entire web. Action perfectly records everything on your PC screen: Applications, websites, videos, music videos, games and more.
  2. Press the ” Start / Stop Recording ” button or the F9 hotkey to start Windows screen recording. HUD status changes (the status bar) show that Windows desktop recording is in progress, when viewing the moving stopwatch.
  3. Action includes its own internal fast player, dedicated to playing video recordings.
  4. Look in your file manager and check the list of video recordings it contains. In that list you will find all your screen recordings, game recordings, and any other desktop recordings you have made.
  5. Open any of the files and click twice with the mouse on a thumbnail to start playback and then edit it according to your requirements.
  6. By activating the active screen recording mode with Action, you can record your videos continuously without interruptions. All the movements you make on your Windows screen will be recorded in a single video file. For all this, Action is the best Windows screen recorder.

It is possible to use Action to work as youtuber

If possible. And fulfilling what was promised in the introduction, we will teach you how to add your webcam to Windows screen recordings with Action, in real time so that you are the best youtuber:

  • Head over to the video capture tab and enable the webcam option.
  • Select your webcam device from the drop-down menu and open “Webcam Settings.”
  • Use this window to adjust your webcam settings. Switch to the preview mode and check the ” Draggable mode ” option .
  • Now with the mouse you can move and resize the webcam in the preview area.

Do a test recording with your webcam to verify if you like the configuration you chose, or if you customize it according to your needs. If you need to disable webcam video in your game recordings, just disable the “Webcam” option in the main video recording tab.

We wish you every success with this fantastic Action program and your self-recordings. If you want you can share this post with your family and friends; it is the best way to support us.


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