How To Record screen with Windows 11

You may be looking for how to record the screen in Windows 11 , so we have prepared a tutorial with the methods that we can use to carry it out. We can do it natively or through third-party programs.

Windows 11 does not represent a structural and organizational change with respect to Windows 10, but doubts may arise in the same way. Taking screenshots or recording the screen are very interesting utilities for specific actions that we want to do. Tell you that you can do it by just pressing a few keys at a time, although there are more methods.

Index of contents

  • Record screen in Windows 11 with Xbox Game Bar
    • Set up Xbox Game Bar to record screen
  • Record Screen with OBS Studio
  • NVIDIA or AMD software

Record screen in Windows 11 with Xbox Game Bar

You do not have to download any application or install anything because Xbox Game Bar comes with Windows 10 or Windows 11. It is the native method to record the screen and we can do it in several ways:

  • Open the start menu and search for Xbox Game Barlaunch it and record the screen manually by pressing the “Rec” button.
  • You can open Xbox Game Bar by pressing Windows Key + G.
  • Or you can record directlyby pressing the following keys at the same time:

Windows key + Alt + R

Unlike Windows 10, it seems that it does not warn you that you are recording the screen when you press those 3 keys at the same time. However, it is recording and you will have to press the same keys again to finish recording.

¿ Where recordings are saved ? In the following Route:

C: \ Users \ Your User \ Videos \ Captures

¿ What quality records Windows 11 screen? Well, it depends on whether we record in full screen or a maximized window with the taskbar in between. You already know that we will not be able to record the screen if we are on the desktop or file explorer, something that I will never understand.

If we record and go to the details of the file , we find that it records at 1920 x 1032 (my monitor is 1080p) at 518 kbps . The video will be seen perfectly and that resolution is because it does not record the taskbar , hence the height is less than 1080 pixels.

For general purposes it covers more than enough expectations, but keep in mind that space is always limited and that you have to be careful not to be recording for hours without realizing it.

Set up Xbox Game Bar to record screen

It is possible to adjust certain parameters for those who want to record with certain settings, so let’s see how we can configure Xbox Game Bar for it. We follow these steps:

  • We open Xbox Game Bar, we give the gear on the top paneland we go to capturing. There we can make some quick adjustments on what we want to record and how to work.
  • If you want to configure more details, open the start menu and go to « configuration «.
  • Once open, you go to the Games menu and then to “screenshots”. Here you can set the following:
      • Save folder.
      • Video length.
      • Video quality.
      • Audio or not.
      • Cursor or not.

Record Screen with OBS Studio

Although it is a program most used for streaming , it includes the function of recording the screen, so it is a method that we consider interesting for Windows 11. Tell you that this program is free, so do not worry about whether you have to pay or no.

  • Download OBS Studio. When you install and run it for the first time, an installation wizard will appear that allows us to optimize the configuration for streaming or recording. We recommend that you choose to record.
  • Once executed, you have to go to the area where it says ” Sources” and left click on the ” + ” sign to display a series of options. Choose Screenshot or Window , depending on what you want to record at the moment.
  • You create the source and you give it OK.
  • You will have to select the main screen or the monitor you want.
  • Once finished, in the « controls« section, we click « start recording» .
  • With OBS minimized, you can record everything you want and when you want to finish, you click Stop recording.
  • Recordings are usually recorded in the Windows 11 ” Videos” folder , unless you have changed it, and the format is usually .mkv.

Regarding the configuration of video quality , format, etc., you can do it from settings in OBS Studio. Here, I recommend that you be careful with what you configure because it is software made for streaming and everything is very detailed to give the user freedom.

There are more programs with which we can record the screen in Windows 11, but we believe that it is not necessary to go much beyond these two because they more than meet the general needs and even some more specific ones.

I believe that it is not necessary to spend money on a specific program to record your screen because there are solutions like the ones we have exposed that more than comply with it. For the curious, there are other programs such as Fraps (somewhat old) or Streamlabs, which offers the same as OBS, but with more functions.

NVIDIA or AMD software

I don’t know if NVIDIA or AMD software can be considered as third party programs because we will need them for Windows 11 to support our graphics card without problems. In the case of AMD, we have Radeon Software or Radeon ReLive , which could be considered a third-party application because we will have to download it specifically.

In NVIDIA we have the same 2 possibilities: do it with GeForce Experience (which comes with the drivers) or download NVIDIA ShadowPlay, which is a super specific application to record and capture moments in our games.

To do this in both AMD and NVIDIA, you will have to open the control panel of AMD Radeon or GeForce Experience respectively. For example, to do it from GeForce Experience, you have to go to program settings (gear) and you give “settings” in “in-game overlay”. There you will have several options to configure.

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