How to easily highlight text in PDF document with Adobe Reader?

In Adobe Reader it is possible to highlight text in a PDF document, which is always appreciated, since there is nothing more versatile, and whose usefulness is undeniable, than being able to select and mark a phrase, idea and even paragraph within the document that you are reading. When you use the highlighter you will be interested to know that you can put it in the color you want.

In fact, it is not a very difficult procedure, you really only have to know what is the exact tool that allows you to do it and what are the steps to follow to apply it satisfactorily.

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When highlighting text in a PDF am I changing it?

This is a common doubt, since one of the peculiarities of files in PDF format is their ability to be, for the most part, not editable or, at least, be protected by copyright.

Now, if you have any material in which you want to highlight text in a PDF , you should know that this action does not represent a violation of said rights, nor will you have to “edit” the writing, since it is about highlighting some data, such as you would do it with a marker in physics.

Steps to highlight text

After clarifying the previous point, you can proceed to highlight text in a PDF with Adobe Reader with confidence and quite easily. But, first, you must the document that maintains this format and in which you want to distinguish the elements.

Of course, it is essential that you do it in the ” Adobe Acrobat Reader “, or else you will not be able to highlight what you want, since that is the program, par excellence, that allows it.

After having the file open in said application, you can proceed to click on the “Selection” tool , which is usually identified by the icon in the shape of an arrow. Then you can continue and select with the instrument the section of the text that you want to be highlighted, it should be shaded by the action you have carried out.

Now, you will have to click on the “Highlight text” mode, or what is the same as the icon in which you can see a marker or highlighter, similar to the ones you would use if it were a book that you have in your hands . In this way, and after pressing the button, you will immediately see how the text you have chosen is highlighted, and it will be in the typical yellow color, although this can also be modified according to your tastes.

The good thing is that you can repeat this process as many times as you think necessary or pertinent, since there is no limit to the words or lines that you can highlight with Adobe Reader.

How can I change the color of the highlighter?

After you have managed to highlight text in a PDF you can change the color with which the selected elements have been highlighted, and it is just as easy as the same general process used.

To do this, you must place your mouse over the segment of the writing that you have highlighted and, with this shading by the selection, you have to choose to press the “Properties” option that will appear there.

Consequently, a new window will appear in which you can visualize a square with the current color that you are handling. If you click on it, the different colors available to apply to your highlighter will appear.

Thus, you can continue choosing the one that you like the most or that you wish to place and when you are happy with your choice, you will only have to click on “Accept” for the changes to be saved.

Will what I have highlighted be saved in the document?

If you wish, you can save all the highlighting changes that you have applied, in case it is information that you need to keep in that state each time you access the document.

But, this will not be done automatically, you will actually have to save the modifications, but it is not difficult at all. You just have to click on the “File” tab and finally “Save.”

If your computer has the Windows 10 operating system, we recommend that you set Adobe Reader as the default file reader to avoid wasting time selecting the reader you want to use.

If at any time you have a problem with the program, it may be that the version you have is no longer compatible, this can be fixed simply by updating it to its latest version.


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