How Can I Recover a PowerPoint File That Won’t Save

Working has changed completely since the arrival of computers in most companies and homes, and production has multiplied since its insertion. Much of the work that used to be done by hand, such as poster creation, copywriting, and much more, has been left to computer users without too much fuss.

The fact that a computer has all the necessary tools to be able to carry out all kinds of jobs without problem may seem like something extremely good, and it is, but like everyone else in the world, there can be small unwanted errors in use. from a computer.

If you are a person who totally depends on your computer to maintain work productivity or even have a job, you must take different measures to take care of any small detail that may occur. You can often see blue screens of death, driver errors, network problems, and much more.

But, if there is one mistake that can give even the most veteran of workers the chills, it is the loss of files or losing all the progress that has been made on a job. You can often have the error of closing a file without saving the changes to it, or you can have errors where all the files on the hard drive are lost.

If you are working on a presentation through PowerPoint , this can be extremely disastrous, since being something that has to put so much detail and synthesized information to make it good enough, one does not want to lose the progress that is made.

Therefore, if you have had the problem or error of losing a PowerPoint file without saving what you have done, you can follow the following tutorial to see how you can recover that file without too many complications.

The easiest way

A presentation is a job that takes several hours to be completed without too much trouble depending on the amount of detail that it has. For this reason, it is important to always save any files that are open to protect the progress that has been made up to that point.

In case you have closed a PowerPoint file without saving it , for whatever reason, it is possible to recover it through the same tools that PowerPoint provides, so don’t despair and pay attention to the process.

First, you must open your PowerPoint , if you want to create a new document, and go to the ‘File’ menu, within this, go to the ‘Information’ menu where you must click on ‘Manage documents, and then on’ recover unsaved PowerPoint presentations ‘.

Because Office normally makes different backups of the files that you create and edit, it is much easier to go to this tool to be able to recover the file in a simple way, although you should bear in mind that you recover temporary files, which can often not be recovered from being very old.

Now, you just have to select the file to recover and open it, and then save it wherever you want so as not to have problems with its recovery.

The other way

In case this cannot be a sufficiently viable process for you, you always have the option of being able to use a program like Recoverit, a program specifically to recover different files that have been deleted or lost in different ways, including a disk format. Lasted.

Just download it from its official site, install it, and look for PowerPoint files that you can recover without too much trouble and in a simple way. And, in case this is something that does not work for you for some reason, on the web you can find other similar programs with the same purposes.

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