How to easily block or unblock an email sender

It is likely that at some point you have received emails that are usually annoying directly in the tray, or you have come across one when locating a particular email.

This scenario where we are crammed with so many “junk” emails , also known as spam, is quite annoying, since its purpose is to spread publicity for a product that promotes its potential consumption, which can lead you to not want to receive more emails from a sender.

Here we will guide you so that you can block or unblock these senders, talking specifically about the different types of email that you probably use.

For example, the email filtering criteria for both Gmail and Outlook are similar, since they have an option to modify the spam filter to “block” and “unblock” to your preference.

How can we block a sender?

If we talk about Outlook, the moment we do not want to receive more emails from a specific contact or sender; you are going to click with the right button of your mouse on the message from said user, taking into account that we are talking about the desktop version of Outlook .

Then a small window is displayed with the option “Spam” and attached to it “Block sender”. By clicking on these options you will see that you will no longer have emails from this sender and they will go to the section: Junk email.

For Gmail users , there is also this option to block different senders depending on whether they are a nuisance or not, and really, it is the same or easier than the process you do in Outlook.

To carry it out, you just have to locate and open an email from the user you want to block. You have to press the button that will appear at the top next to the “Reply” button to display the options menu. Then; A small menu will appear and we will go to the option “Block contact”, in this way we already have our contact disabled.

Can I unblock a user to receive their emails again?

For users of both platforms, this option is available in the event that this action has been carried out in the wrong way or that we simply want to re-establish contact with the user.

Now it will be demonstrated how you can unblock a user who is within your Outlook account with just a few steps, returning all those senders that you have restricted. So that we can change the status from “blocked” to “unblocked” of the sender addresses, we are going to perform the following steps below.

  • Click on the settings icon of the icon with the gear shape that you see in the upper right part of your screen, and we are going to select Options to execute our task.
  • We will make sure that we are observing the Mail category on the left side of the page, and here we go to the section that is down with the name Spam.
  • Click on ” Blocked Senders” to see the senders and domains that will still appear blocked, and continue to select the email addresses you want to remove from the Blocked Senders list. Remember that the option to highlight to multiple directions is available with just pressing the Ctrl or Command key .
  • We will click on the icon found in the trash can to reverse the blocking actions that you have done with these contacts.
  • Finally, click the ” Save ” button at the top of the page to save your new settings.

On the other hand, for those who have Gmail, executing this option is more practical and simple just by accessing Settings from the route explained above.

Access the section on filters and blocked addresses, in which you will find the list of contacts that remain blocked, where we will click on the “Unblock” link , which you can see to the right of the blocked contacts and you will again be receiving new emails.


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