How to get the IP address from an email in Outlook and Gmail

When knowing where an unknown email comes from or where it is being sent, there are several ways that allow us to know to a greater or lesser extent the origin of the issue.

This first step consists of checking the domain that accompanies the email address , @, @, @, in this way it is more useful to decipher the origin of an email.

Be this to observe if it is a false email or to verify if someone wants to get hold of our data using a malicious email, impersonating a company, with techniques such as “phishing”; that is used for the theft of information and identity of a user.

This is why we will proceed to detect in a simple way how to track the IP from the Outlook and Gmail service .

This way you can track the IP address of a Gmail email

To know the IP address of an unknown email received in the Gmail platform is simple, start by entering your email in which you have located the suspicious email.

Once inside, press or press the three points of “Options” located in the upper right corner of the email in question and select the option “Show original”.

Then, in this new tab that will be enabled, you can see the source code of said email that will be tracked. To access the sender’s IP, you must perform the following command on the keyboard; Ctrl + F (Command + F if you are using a Mac or Linux operating system) at the same time.

Along with this section you can see the originating IP address of the sender ” x-originating-ip “. Sometimes the IP address can be found through the “sender IP” field.

In the case that the source code of the mail does not have two text strings, it is likely that the sender uses an external encryption or an anonymous service to hide the identity and real location of the mail.

How can I locate the IP address in Outlook / Hotmail?

If you opt for the Microsoft email service , the practical procedure is identical to that which has just been explained with the Gmail platform. The difference is that you will have to select the option ” See origin of the message ” within the options of the mail that we want to locate and track.

After pressing the option of the three dots, a window similar to the one that can be seen in Gmail will be displayed. Within this window you will have to search for the following text field using the key combination Ctrl + F ; ” Sender IP “.

By following this text string you will be able to see the full IP address of the sending user, and if the code lacks this text string; you can use the text string “ x-originating-ip ” to find the source address.

How can I locate the IP address on a map?

To locate the IP address within a virtual geolocation map, you can have several tools on the web that will allow you to perform this task, such as Whatismy IP and GeolPView.

These tools will allow you to have approximate information on the location of the different IPs that are being searched, this is added to the use of dynamic public IPs or VPNs to choose IP addresses from other countries.

This is understood in that the IP location may not correspond to the original position of the sender, but to a simulated position.

The previous process is manual, taking into account that the header file is analyzed to locate the IP. Therefore, there are also tools capable of analyzing this type of file with just copy and paste, in this sense the following are recommended: “GsuiteToolBoxMessageheader, IP-Address Email Header Trace and MX Toolbox Email HeaderAnalyzer.”


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