How to Earn Influence at Humankind

Influence is one of the most important resources in Humankind , which is needed to expand the empire. This indicator reflects how strongly your civilization affects the game world.

Why influence is needed

In general, as we have already mentioned, this currency is necessary in order to develop your holdings:

  • to create outposts;
  • to turn outposts into cities;
  • to capture resources in the territory adjacent to the outpost (this is necessary if the city cannot be built);
  • for appropriating the wonders of the world;
  • for the adoption of public institutions.

Having figured out why this currency is needed, let’s try to understand how to farm it.

Influence is indicated by a purple star

Hunt big prey

Hunting and discovering objects of interest are the main ways to earn influence early in the game. Everything is simple here: the stronger the beast you killed, the more influence you will receive. For example, a bear will give you 10 points, a mammoth – 20, and a deer – a pitiful 5. So concentrate on the big prey.

Explore objects of interest

Do not skimp on scouts. Discovering points of interest will bring you influence throughout the game. Unfortunately, they spawn randomly, so even if you are playing on the same map, “interesting things” will be in completely different places. The best way out of the situation is to send a detachment or two in auto-exploration mode.

In addition, at its later stages, these points will appear in the ocean.

Build good infrastructure

Cities are the main source of influence. As soon as you acquire the capital (first city), build a pottery workshop. This area guarantees you 4 influence points every turn.

By researching technologies, you can unlock several more buildings that will bring you this resource. In addition, some cultures allow the construction of districts, which allow you to gain additional influence points. For example, the pyramids of the Egyptians give an additional point of influence each turn.

Keep track of stability

Stability is an indicator of how happy the residents of a city are. The higher this indicator, the more influence the city generates.

Settlements with stability above 91% will add 2 additional influence points to your piggy bank with each turn.

Develop technology

By itself, cities earn influence, but to increase the influx of points, you need to do science. Pay attention to the following technologies:

  • Letter;
  • Encyclopedia;
  • Theology;
  • Rhetoric;
  • Patronage;
  • Rocket science;
  • National unity;
  • Mass entertainment;
  • Communication satellites;
  • Internet;
  • Brain implant.

Choose the right cultures and religions

If you set out to get as many purple stars as possible, then choose cultures with the “Aestheticism” trait (you can see a list of them in our previous guide ). It is they who allow you to earn the maximum amount of influence. For example, the Olmecs get more points for each controlled territory, and the Franks get 10% more of this currency.

In addition, passive abilities can be added to religion, which will give bonuses to influence:

  • the principle “Do not steal” will give +1 for each square with mountains;
  • the dogma “Be Merciful” guarantees +2 influence from the general neighborhoods.


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