How to download Clash Mini for Android

After the many successes of its games, Supercell is now ready to bring a new installment to its universe with Clash Mini, a small spin-off of Clash of Clans centered on a small board with miniatures and preparatory battles very similar to Battle Chess. or Teamfight Tactics.

Under this small change, the game maintains the usual strategy component of the saga, with player versus player battles on a board divided into two sections, a grid on which we can place the different miniatures of the classic characters from the rest of the games to win our opponent in different phases, where the first to reach three victories, will win the battle.

As usual, Clash Mini includes a large number of collectible elements where not only combat characters prevail, but also improvements and coins, as well as other new components to level up the miniatures.

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However, still in the testing process, currently only a few countries can access the game through the Play Store, exclusively for Android. Although this does not mean that we cannot download and play it from Spain, being able to download the APK file from UpToDown .

However, if we do not want to download this file from an unofficial source, we can also use an alternative method to download it in one of the countries where it is currently available.

So, the only thing we will need is to create a Google account, or what is the same,  a new Gmail email . To simplify the steps, the simplest thing will be to open our Gmail application directly from our phone, open the options menu by selecting the icon with the three stripes at the top, and scroll until we see the Settings option.

From here, we will select the option  “Add account” , we will select the Google email, and finally  “Create Account” . Once the new account is completed, it will appear directly between the accounts of our phone.

Therefore, now we can choose this new email to log in  from the Google Play Store  just by opening the application store, selecting once more on the icon with the three stripes located in the upper left, and clicking on our address mail.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the Google Play Store, we will download and install some of the different dedicated applications (in the case of this practical one, TunnelBear VPN ).

Once we have this application installed, the first of all will be to force the stop and empty the cache stored in the Google Play Store application, something that we can do from the menu of our phone  «Settings> Applications> Applications» . Once this is done, we can open TunnelBear, where it will be necessary to create a new account (for which we can use both our original and new email),  activate the VPN selection , and divert our connection through  the server hosted in Canada .

With the VPN application still open, we will reopen the Google Play Store, search for Clash Mini, and  we will be able to download and install the game . Finally, and before closing TunnelBear, we must open the game, start a game, and complete the tutorial so that our account is registered.

Once all this is completed, we can continue playing normally without using any additional application.

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