How to do good makeup

First of all, it is necessary that the face is very clean, washed with water and moisturizing soap, preferably. Then use a makeup remover with botanical extracts (very good) to remove possible residues from previous makeup .

Regardless of skin type and color always try to match the tones of your makeup with the clothes to be used. The makeup must stand out to have a good result. Being monochromatic at these times does not work much: it is more of the occasion.

There are those who prefer to start the makeup with the eyes, others with the face. The important thing, however, is not the order to follow, but how to do it.

As for the makeup process , all, or almost all women know. Always have a good concealer on hand and make a T in the center of the face, smudging to correct small imperfections, without letting it be visible. If necessary, pass under the eyes too, to disguise dark circles .

That done, apply a light base coat, well applied and then the face powder, which should also not be heavily loaded. Here comes the choice of blush . Tan and orange tones can be used on any skin color, without fear, they combine with the lightest skin color to black.

The shades drawn to pink, on the other hand, require a little more care. In general they look very beautiful in dark or black skins. Never stop softening by smudging, with the face powder and a sponge, the contours of the blush, left by the brush. The finish will look beautiful.

You see, we are not talking much about colors, as these should be used according to the taste of each person, even because all colors, being used correctly, do not pose a danger of error.

In makeup , what should draw the most attention in the look is the well harmonized and beautiful face, not the products used. And the instruments for that all women know.

Anyway, to complete (if it was not done in the beginning), the eyeliner or pencil, this is at the discretion of taste and, after outlining the eyes, we go to the good friend mascara that will leave an irresistible look when properly applied. You can lengthen, add thickness to the lashes, then it depends on what you intend to do. The secret of mascara is in the brush, not in its chemistry.

The final result will be really important: a luminous and wonderful face; yes, because everything that moves with colors is still an art and a well-made face values ​​the whole appearance of the woman.


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