How to disable the camera of your Echo Show?

Through the Echo Show you have the facility to make calls, when this is done the camera usually turns on automatically which can cause a problem for those who simply want to have an audio-based conversation.

The truth is that you do not need to be an electronics engineer to solve this problem, disabling the camera will be fine and here we show you how to do it easily.

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  1. What point should you see before you disable the camera of an Echo Show?
    1. Avoid turning off the microphone if you want to use Alexa
  2. What are ways to disable the camera on an Echo Show?
    1. With the mute button
    2. With a voice command
    3. From the Echo Spot settings
  3. Why does my Echo Show’s camera keep triggering?

What point should you see before you disable the camera of an Echo Show?

There is an easy way to disable the camera of your Echo Show and that is by pressing the ‘Volume Down’ button, however, this option is not feasible for many because the microphone will also be disabled, so it is time to explore other options, but don’t worry, we’ll show you what else you can do to modify your Echo Show.

Avoid turning off the microphone if you want to use Alexa

The problem that arises when you disable the camera of your Echo Show using the volume button is because the audio is also disabled and with this it will not be possible for Alexa to work properly. Remember that interaction with Alexa is done through voice commands and audio is absolutely necessary here.


Now, after connecting your Alexa with any Echo device you can perform many functions just by setting a command, it is not useful for you to disable it when it is the main engine of Amazon Echo products .

What are ways to disable the camera on an Echo Show?

The good thing about this problem of disabling the camera and the audio at the same time is that Amazon has found several alternative ways to do it and has offered them to the public; then you can use the mute button, use voice commands and also directly from the Echo Show settings, but we will explain everything to you calmly step by step.

With the mute button

The mute button is located on the top of your Echo Show device, right between the volume up and volume down buttons. It’s a quick option, but it’s precisely this one that leaves you without Alexa audio. So it is useful but not so much, you can use it at the time you go to sleep or just try other options.

With a voice command

Using the Alexa voice command is the easiest way to disable the camera , but we recommend that if it is the first time you will use it, check after it has been done successfully from the ‘Settings’ menu.

All you have to say to Alexa is: ‘ Alexa, turn off the camera’. Once said the command, Alexa will take care of going to ‘settings’ and turning off the camera.

From the Echo Spot settings

  • You have to start by sliding your finger across the screen from top to bottom.
  • Once you have swiped the screen you will have to press the gear iconthat is in the upper right corner and corresponds to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Once in the ‘Settings’ menu, just scroll down until you find the option that says ‘Device Options’ and then ‘Camera’.
  • Within the camera option select ‘Off’ by moving the arrows. The up arrow turns it on and the down arrow turns it off.

Why does my Echo Show’s camera keep triggering?

Depending on the method you use to disable your Echo Show’s camera, there may be some issues that prevent this from being done correctly. One of them is that you find yourself using the mute button and then you just turned it back on, this is going to cause the camera to turn on again as well.

Another thing that can happen is that you have decided to disable the camera using commands for Alexa. After you ask Alexa to make an option through commands, she will take a few minutes to respond while she goes through the whole process and when it is finished she will notify you.

It is possible that when you said the command, it did not understand you and therefore the action was not carried out, so you did not pay attention to the fact that Alexa did not notify you that the process was carried out. In this case, we recommend viewing the Alexa settings on your device .

Once you have modified the camera of your Echo Show you can use it as you have been doing it in a simple way, without fear that the camera turns on and someone visualizes what you do. You can also choose to search and download some apps from Amazon that can help you with which camera problem.


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