How to get songs with lyrics on your Echo Show screen?

Amazon Echo Show is the only home electronic device in the Echo range that contains a 10.2-inch screen depending on the version of the device you have. With this device, you will be able to play songs and videos of great quality and with the best of facilities, since said device has the possibility of connecting to the Amazon voice assistant called Alexa.

Since with this device, you have the possibility to play music or videos, in addition to this, the device has a screen with a large proportion similar to that of a tablet or an iPad , it will be a great option to be able to put the lyrics of the songs or the videos of the reproductions on the screen of the device. This option would be ideal for a meeting with friends and the option of being able to do karaoke.

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  1. How to get songs with lyrics on your Echo Show screen?
    1. From ‘Amazon Music Library’
  2. What should you do to play Karaoke-type songs with your ‘Echo Show’ speaker?
    1. Adding priority to other music services
  3. How to play YouTube songs with lyrics on your Echo Show?

How to get songs with lyrics on your Echo Show screen?

As we’ve already mentioned, the Echo Show, in a new speaker idea, with that high-quality monitor built into the screen. That will not only allow you to listen to your favorite song, but it will also give you the possibility to watch the videos of said songs as well as being a great option to do karaoke.

It should be noted that all Echo devices have access to the Amazon Music Library music library, which is one of the section of this platform. With which you will have access to endless songs of all possible genres, where you will find the songs that you like the most from the comfort of your sofa. But this is not all, but also, Amazon Music Library, has a large number of lyrics to be able to view them on the monitor of your device.

From ‘Amazon Music Library’

To complement the above, Amazon Music Library has a wide range of songs from all genres, but unfortunately, the free version is quite limited. Therefore, you will not be able to extract all that music that you like so much, in addition to this, with the free version of the platform, you will not be able to see the lyrics of the song on the screen at the time of playback.

In addition to this, with such a free version, the platform will only show you the album cover of the song, the name of the artist and the name of the song. In order to have this karaoke style lyrics option, you will need to have a subscription to Amazon Music Library.

On the other hand, once you have the subscription on the Amazon music platform, the option to put the lyrics on the screen of your device will be very simple, having the Alexa voice assistant. All you have to do is say the following command: Alexa, Play (say the name of the song you want) and the selected song will be played immediately in addition to being shown with the lyrics on the device screen.

What should you do to play Karaoke-type songs with your ‘Echo Show’ speaker?

It is wonderful all the tools that we can find with Echo Show from taking photos, recording videos to even placing karaoke to share with family and friends. Besides, this smart screen allows us to enjoy the best karaoke of our favorite songs.

Now, it is important to note that in order to enjoy the best karaoke on your Echo Show, you must first make a subscription to Amazon Music. However, to be able to see the letters superimposed on said screen, you will have to configure it from the Amazon Alexa application . In addition, this service is available to users who pay for the Amazon Prime subscription, but there is a free version where this service does not work at all.

On the other hand, if you already have your subscription canceled on Amazon Music , then you can start enjoying this feature and your favorite karaokes. Likewise, the only thing you will have to do is ask Alexa to place our song , playlist, artist that we want to listen to or even the album that we want to play.

Once the request is made, Alexa will begin to play and you will be able to see the lyrics of the song, apart from this it will begin to advance, lighting up and sounding through the speaker giving a unique and special moment with your family and friends.

Adding priority to other music services

You must bear in mind that in order to play your favorite karaoke you will have to have an Amazon Music subscription and in this way you will be able to set your Play List of favorite songs so that Alexa can play them on echo Show. In this way, you will be giving them the opportunity to enjoy exclusive music services.

How to play YouTube songs with lyrics on your Echo Show?

Now, on the other hand, there is an easier way to play karaoke songs on your Echo Show and be able to sing them without any problem, this is the option of YouTube, which is the video tycoon of everything. On such platform, you will be able to find any type of video you want.

To perform this action using the Alexa voice command, all you have to do is say the following command: “Alexa play on YouTube, the song “say the name of the song” with karaoke) immediately the Alexa voice command will will show the search results and after you have chosen one, you will be able to listen to said karaoke.

It should be noted that on YouTube, you can get a wide variety of karaoke-style music, however, this mostly happens to songs that are quite popular, that are a Hit or that were a Hit at some point. Therefore, some of the results that you want to search on YouTube, through Echo Show and the Alexa voice command, will not give you results.

Once you have chosen the song you want to play, tell “Alexa” which option you want it to play. And immediately, the Echo Show device will play the song and show the YouTube karaoke.


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