How to disable LoL Wild Rift notifications

2021 brought to cell phones one of the most addictive multiplayer strategy games, it has become the favorite of many League of Legends: Wild Rift. The world-renowned PC game today thanks to its mobile version, more than 8 million people are part of it; anyone can download it to their smartphone , to enjoy approximately 20 minutes of fun and entertainment.

Its updated version is 2.4, for mobile phones it can also send you information about your status in the game, or other kinds of news whenever the system considers it relevant. However, are these uncomfortable, annoying or unnecessary? Discover the effective way to be able to enjoy your game on your Android cell phone, without them appearing unexpectedly in your notifications, you can even save battery when you play.

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  1. What are LoL Wild Rift silent notifications?
    1. How to easily disable them
  2. How can I disable LoL Wild Rift notifications?
    1. Android 10
    2. Android 9.0 Pie
    3. Android 8.0 Oreo
    4. Android 7.0 Nougat
  3. Can the warnings that appear at the start of LoL Wild Rift be removed?

What are LoL Wild Rift silent notifications?

Like any other game app, they have alert systems, they come predetermined with sounds, these will appear in your notification tray, to keep you constantly informed about your game. Deactivating notifications is nothing more than configuring your phone not to receive them, understanding that with this you are not eliminating them from the game, but rather exerting a kind of block to prevent them from manifesting.

How to easily disable them

Regarding the notifications of this game, once you have a notification of it, click on it continuously, then you will see an option related to the notifications of the game, on the right side you must slide that point to deactivate them and that’s it. The game itself has the option to disable its notifications, an option with a bit more procedure, but you get the same result.

How can I disable LoL Wild Rift notifications?

Now, none of the above options work? There is another way is to configure the settings of your phone, through a simple procedure and it will give you effective results in a few minutes.

Let’s get started!

  1.     When unlocking your screen, go to the gear icon (it is characterized by the wheel with teeth).
  2.     In the displayed list, look for the option “Applications”
  3.     In manage applications, find the one corresponding to the game and press.
  4.     Look in the notification settings to enter.
  5.     Deactivate the part of showing notifications and alerts of app icons.

Once you have finished with those steps, you will have already disabled the notifications of the game.

Android 10

If you like the most innovative equipment such as the Xiaomis Redmi Note 9S, you will surely have an operating system of these, they really do not offer major differences when deactivating notifications, therefore follow our practical tutorial and do not complicate yourself.

Android 9.0 Pie

In 2018 this system came out, it is completely compatible with the game, to silence notifications you can follow any of the steps that we have previously offered you, one of the phones where this system operates is the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Android 8.0 Oreo

A slightly older version is this, it came out in 2017, it is still in operation in equipment such as Huawei P10 Plus, with the same operations as in other equipment, you will not feel any inconvenience trying to make the change.

Android 7.0 Nougat

According to official information, any Android phone can download this game, as long as its system is higher than version 5 . Wait no more, the fun begins and when you stop don’t worry about unnecessary notifications.

If for any reason, you have trouble opening your game, but your Android system is compatible with it. Do not worry and see the way to enter without further complication.

Can the warnings that appear at the start of LoL Wild Rift be removed?

When you enter you will not find any greater warnings than those provided by the team of programmers, they last a few seconds, be patient, wait a bit and start enjoying the adventure with LoL Wild Rift.


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