How to disable login PIN in Windows 10?

The login PIN in Windows 10 is to put a password that you can use among your security options . This method is one of the fastest when accessing the operating system. However, you may no longer want to use it. This tutorial explains the procedure to remove this feature.

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  1. What steps do I need to take to remove the login PIN from my computer?
  2. How can I change the PIN in case I want to use it again?
  3. What other login security options are available in Windows 10?
    1. account password
    2. image password
    3. Fingerprint on compatible equipment

What steps do I need to take to remove the login PIN from my computer?

Windows Hello is a functionality that allows you to add different authentication systems on your computer. This associates  your Microsoft email account and password with your computer. You can disable this automatic login if you wish.

Every time you want to open it, you will have to enter the password. This can be awkward if it is very complex and long. For this reason, you have several simple and very secure alternatives such as the use of the PIN. This function will allow you to enter between four and six digits in order to modify the entry using the email password.

It is important to note that before deactivating the medium you must log in to your PC. Next, check that the internet connection is active. Sync your Microsoft email account. Next, open system settings and click on ‘Accounts’. There, you will find the login options.

Locate and click the ‘Windows Hello PIN’ section and select ‘Remove’. This disables this method on your computer. It is recommended that you choose another type of access . Thus, you will prevent other people from viewing your personal data without your authorization.

How can I change the PIN in case I want to use it again?

Once you sign in to your device, change the PIN in order to use it again. In this regard, go to the search bar and type ‘Settings’. Press ‘Open’ and ‘Accounts’. Tap ‘Change PIN’ under ‘Login Options’. Follow the instructions in order to verify the old password and enter a new one.

What other login security options are available in Windows 10?

The operating system offers several access alternatives. The traditional way is to use the key from your mail to put the password to start in Windows. Also, it is possible to use an image or fingerprint if you have a laptop that includes a reader of this type.

The other alternative is to lock the screen using the help of the keyboard. It will not be necessary to add any password and it will allow you to easily enter the Windows desktop.

account password

This is the most common way used to authenticate access on a PC. It is only required to log in to your Outlook or Hotmail account panel in order to store Microsoft email . In addition, the profile image is saved to identify you. Later, you need this data when you turn on the equipment.

image password

This option allows you to slide your finger on a touch screen for the purpose of unlocking the device after pressing on a box that contains an image. Windows makes it easy to configure various points to run the system through this quick and easy path.

Fingerprint on compatible equipment

Some laptops have a special reader that works like a scanner. This component is located under the keyboard and serves to recognize the computer administrator’s fingerprint . Indeed, you will have to choose one of your fingers and make the system recognize it to start Windows without any inconvenience.

If you want to apply this function , open the settings and in ‘Accounts’ locate the ‘Login’ section located on the left side area. Click on ‘Windows Hello Fingerprint’ and press the ‘Settings’ button. Press ‘Enter’ and swipe your finger across the sensor as many times as prompted by the assistant.

This modality is the most infallible compared to the previous ones because it verifies your identity and prevents other people from accessing your PC . In case your device does not have the reader, you can choose to enable the compatible IR camera to automatically log in. This technology is similar to that found in mobile phones and is actually very easy to use.


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