How to disable location history and prevent Google from storing our location

Something that should never be overlooked is that since mobile phones have existed, their owners know where we are at all times , and that means that those who have created the software we use every time we unlock the screen also know it. And in the case of Android, we are talking about Google. But this can be avoided to some extent or, at the very least, make it a little more difficult for the account.

Mobile phones carry GPS and we can prevent our location from being tracked without having to disconnect them, we simply have to deactivate what Google calls “Location history” and that is nothing other than the list of registered sites where we are going. This can be done in two ways: through the Google Maps app and in the Google account itself. Let’s look at the two steps.

How to disable location history on Google Maps

Having an Android phone in your hands, the most normal thing is that you have the Google Maps app installed , as it is part of the Google Mobile Services that Mountain View installs in practically every phone that goes on sale. So if you have it handy, you can use it to disable location history.


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To do this you will only have to open Google Maps and slide the drop-down on the left to access ” Your chronology” . Once inside, we look for the three vertical points in the upper right and click on Settings and Privacy . There we will only have to look for Location Settings . Now we will have several options.

Disable notification history through Google Maps

The first is the indicator of what state our automatic location is in. By clicking on it we can activate or deactivate it so that our phone stops collecting this data. What interests us is, however, in the second place: ” the location history is activated” . There we can enter and deactivate it with a couple of taps. Later, if we wish, we can make use of the third option, which is Delete all location history.

We can deactivate the history, erase it, erase only some parts or program it to be erased without our help

There is a fourth interesting option that allows us to erase specific bands of our movements from the registry. It is called “Delete a period from the location history” and we can decide which strip to delete without affecting the rest of the record. Finally, we can activate the automatic deletion . Thus, we can keep the history active and it will be erased from time to time as we indicate.

So remember:

Google Maps> Your timeline> Settings and Privacy> Location history is on> Switch to deactivate

How to disable location history from Google account

Disable the notification history through the Google app

If we wish, or if we do not have Google Maps installed on our phone for some reason, we can use the Google app to carry out the same process. We simply locate it among our installed applications, open it and follow the following steps.

With the Google app open, click on our photo in the upper right corner to open the options, there will appear a button called ” Manage your Google account ” and click on it. A floating browser window will open with our account settings. We slide to the left to go from tab to tab until we reach ” Data and personalization “.

We show you how to access the location history of your Google account through Maps

There we find a section dedicated to the ” Location History” (the same one that we access from Google Maps), in the Controls section of your account activity. We will only have to access and press the blue switch to deactivate the history. As we will see, Google tells us that this registration is only paused, and that we can activate it again whenever we want. Now you just have to click on Pause and that’s it.


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