How to disable iPhone control center on locked screen.

The control center of the iPhone is very useful for various situations . This is because it is a kind of quick access to various functions.

All of this is certainly helpful. But maybe you don’t want everyone to be able to access it when your smartphone is locked . Here I tell you how to remove it.

How to deactivate the control center of the iPhone.

The control center of the iPhone serves you, among many things, to activate or deactivate features such as WiFi, mobile data network, Bluetooth, volume, brightness, do not disturb, camera, lamp, and much more .

If you don’t want it to work if the iPhone or iPad is locked, the process is very simple .

The first thing you should do is enter the Settings menu on your iPhone.

Tap on the Touch ID and code option .

Enter your access code .

Now locate the Control Center option .

Clear the box .

That way the Control Center will no longer appear when the screen is locked . But you can continue using it when your cell phone is unlocked.

Without a doubt, this will prevent malucos or pranksters from misusing your equipment .

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