How To add the user change menu to the Big Sur Control Center

On the Mac we can have more than one user, so switching between them efficiently is essential for the user experience to be as comfortable as possible. Therefore we can activate a button in the menu bar to make the changes. In macOS Big Sur we have another option: the Control Center. Ideal to keep the bar as clear as possible and to be able to change users comfortably.

Menu, text, button and Control Center

Until macOS Big Sur we had only one option when changing user on our Mac. Leaving aside the apple menu, we could show a new menu in the menu bar, now with the new operating system we can move this option to Control Center . Let’s see how to do it.

  1. We touch the Apple menu () and choose System Preferences.
  2. We enter the Dock and menu bar.
  3. In the left sidebar we select Quick User Switch.
  4. We activate the Showoption in the control center .

We will see that a new button appears at the bottom of the Control Center. A simple click shows us a menu like the following one, where we can choose the user we want to use , as well as go to the login screen.

Of course we can also show this button in the menu bar, if we wish. To do this, we just have to activate the option Show in the menu bar in step four. In this case, remember that we can choose between seeing the button as an icon, showing the name of the account or the full name of the account. Choosing between these three options is very easy:

  1. We touch the Apple menu () and choose System Preferences.
  2. We enter Users and groups.
  3. We tapped Login Options.
  4. Next to Show user quick change menu aswe choose between one of the three options.


This is the new Hello screensaver from Big Sur, so we can activate it

Easy right? The truth is that the arrival of the Control Center to macOS Big Sur has allowed the interface in general and especially that of the menu bar to be simplified. The ability to group functions and features in one place of reference is certainly an excellent idea.


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