How to disable Google Assistant on Android

Most Android phones have Google Assistant enabled by default – a voice assistant that opens when prompted for “Ok, Google” when you hold down the button in the center of the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, and on some smartphones, it uses a separate hardware button. This tutorial details how to disable Google Assistant on Android.

We will consider completely disabling Google Assistant on any phone where it is: the actions will hardly differ from model to model: on a clean system, and on Samsung smartphones, and on other brands, the procedure will be similar. Differences exist for Xiaomi and Huawei / Honor, we will also talk about them. Additionally, the article describes how to disable a separate button for opening the assistant, if it is present on your device.

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Disabling Google Assistant on Android phone

In order to completely disable Google Assistant on most Android phones, including a clean system and Samsung smartphones, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings – Google.
  2. Go to the section “Services in your account” – “Search, Assistant and voice control”.
  3. Open Google Assistant and then scroll down to the All Settings section to open General Settings.
  4. Turn off the toggle for Google Assistant.
  5. Confirm the action in the “Disable Google Assistant” window.
  6. If there is no “Google” item on your phone, enter Voice Match in the search for your phone settings and, if there is such an item, open it and turn off the “Ok Google” switch.
  7. There is also a separate option to disable the Google Assistant in Chrome: go to the browser home page, click on your profile icon, and then go to the “Google Assistant in Chrome” section to disable it.

After that, Google Assistant will be turned off. For some phones, for example Xiaomi and Huawei (Honor), the procedure is slightly different:

  • On Xiaomi, go to Settings – Advanced Settings – Language & Input and in the Keypad Management section, find the Settings item below Google Voice Input. On the next screen, turn off “Access with Voice Match”.
  • On Huawei and Honor smartphones, there are the following options: remove the Google Assistant application from the phone in Settings – Applications; go to Settings – Applications – Default applications (this item can be opened through the gear icon or the menu at the top of the screen) – Assistant and voice input, and then – clicking on “Assistant” and selecting “No” instead of “Google”.

Disabling the Google Assistant button

Note: the location of the menu items may vary from version to version of Android and depending on the specific brand of phone If you cannot find the required option in the specified path, use the search in the “Settings” application, specifying “Assistant” as the request.

After you turn off the Google voice assistant, the button designed to call it can continue to work, turning it off is available in the following settings sections:

  • On pure Android with a hardware Assistant call button – Settings – System – Gestures – Google Assistant button.
  • On Xiaomi – Settings – Advanced settings – Button functions (or Buttons and gestures) – Launch the Google Assistant.
  • On Huawei / Honor – Settings – Management – System Navigation – Gestures – Google Assistant.


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