How to delete sent messages from Instagram on iPhone or Android

One of the things that makes the Instagram app one of the best social platforms this year is its DM section. In this you can send messages to people who follow you and those who do not follow you. Just as you can send messages in the DM, you can also cancel them.

When you cancel sending a message, the other person will not be able to read it and will not even know that you sent it to them . Shortly, we will show you how to cancel the sending of an Instagram message through an Android mobile and iPhone without problems or complications.

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  1. Procedure to cancel sending a message on Instagram
    1. From the mobile app
    2. With the website
  2. What happens in my contact’s chat when I delete a message from him?
  3. How to send temporary messages or ‘Vanish’ on Instagram
    1. From my cell phone
    2. Using the computer
  4. How can I disable Vanish mode for my Instagram posts?

Procedure to cancel sending a message on Instagram

To cancel the sending of a message on Instagram, it is important that you follow a certain process to the letter. This process will change a bit depending on where you have accessed Instagram. Next, we will explain how to cancel the sending of a message on Instagram from the website and also from the application.

From the mobile app

With the Instagram application for mobile phones, doing this type of process is much easier. First things first, you have to open the application:

  1. Login to your account and enter the DM section
  2. Locate the chat where the message you want to delete is
  3. Locate the message you need to delete
  4. When you find it, hold it down
  5. Wait for the extra options to appear and select the option that says ‘Cancel message sending’

Then, what you need to do is check that it has been successfully removed. To do this, you have to exit the application and enter again to check that this message has actually been deleted. It is essential that you know that in order for Instagram messages to be deleted, you must have a fast internet connection.

With the website

In the case of the Instagram web , you should do almost the same thing that was mentioned in the process above. The only thing that changes is the way the extra options appear:

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Go to the Instagram page
  3. Login to your profile
  4. Find yourself in the DM section
  5. Open the chat where the message you are going to delete is
  6. Find the message you will delete
  7. Hold it down and move it a little to the left
  8. Once extra options appear, select the one that says delete and confirm the deletion of the message

It should be noted that just as you can delete Instagram messages , you can also delete entire conversations where there are messages that have already been sent.

What happens in my contact’s chat when I delete a message from him?

When you delete a message from your contact on Instagram, this message will simply be removed from the chat. The Instagram platform will not show any alerts that say ‘Message deleted’ like the WhatsApp app does. When you delete a message on Instagram, it disappears immediately , as if you had never sent it.

This is a really good thing, since this way you will not raise suspicions or leave any apparent reason why you have deleted that message. Also, the other party will never notice the messages you delete.

How to send temporary messages or ‘Vanish’ on Instagram

If you want to have a conversation about things that you do not want other people to know if they will open your Instagram account, you can use temporary messages. This is a feature that Facebook and Instagram recently introduced and that can be used by all users.

Now, pay attention to the procedure that will be shown soon, so that you learn how to send temporary messages from your mobile phone and also from your computer.

From my cell phone

Sending a temporary message on Instagram using a mobile phone is very simple to do. You just have to open the Instagram app:

  1. Login to your profile
  2. Enter the conversation where you want to activate temporary messages
  3. Swipe your finger from the bottom of the Chat to the top and the ‘Temporary Messages’ mode will be activated

Each of the messages sent within the temporary chat will be deleted once you exit the app or when you close the conversation.

Using the computer

Instagram’s temporary messages feature is only available in the official app. So, if you want to send temporary messages from the web, you won’t be able to do it. The only way to send temporary messages on Instagram from a computer is by installing an Android emulator and downloading the Instagram application.

From there, having the Instagram application on the computer emulator , you just need to use the process mentioned above.

How can I disable Vanish mode for my Instagram posts?

To deactivate the ‘Temporary Messages’ mode of Instagram, all you have to do is exit the temporary chat . By doing this, all messages will be deleted and this type of chat will be disabled.

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