How to Encrypt and Protect Email Messages When Sent

There is no doubt that today we need to use new security methods that can keep our information safe from cyber attacks. As for example TCP or sequence prediction attacks, these attacks can be directed at any sector that concentrates personal information and one of them is e-mails. It is for this reason that below we will tell you how to encrypt and protect the messages of an email when sending it.

There are many ways to send computer viruses through email and therefore it is necessary that we take care of the items that arrive in our inbox. But it is also important that we can take care of the information that comes out from our mail and that it reaches its recipient without problems.

There are millions of emails that are sent daily in the world and many of these contain malicious software or as it is known as Malware that are responsible for stealing information . Therefore you must take the initiative and protect the emails you send and then we will tell you how you can do this in a very simple way.


  • What is email encryption
  • Steps to protect or encrypt an email when sending it

What is email encryption

As we have already mentioned, one of the means by which millions of people in the world send important information is through emails. And these become sources of attack by cyber hackers . Which are prepared to intercept the shipment and steal sensitive information about your email account.

Therefore, it is necessary to protect the sending of said mail with encryption, which is a method that encodes the information. In this way, access to said mail becomes impossible, thanks to the encryption of the message, and the only way to read its content is by means of a password that only the recipient has.

It is necessary then that all the emails we send must be encrypted and thus we avoid being a victim of possible attacks, whether they are malware or Trojan viruses . There are some companies like Gmail or Outlook that offer their service. The encryption of your messages, but in this article we will explain how you can do it from the Outlook platform.

Steps to protect or encrypt an email when sending it

In order to send an encrypted electronic message , three basic steps must be followed, which consist of obtaining a digital certificate. Or what is the same a digital ID and this can be granted by a certification authority that works with Outlook. One of these authorities can be DigiCert, IdenTrust, or GlobalSign.

This certificate or digital ID must be installed through the indications provided by the certification authority you have chosen. The next step in sending an encrypted message is to send messages that are digitally signed. But this action must also be performed by the recipient, who must also send messages that are digitally signed.

To do this you just have to open a message and select “Options” then “More options” and in the box with 2 properties you must choose the option “Security settings” . Then in Security Properties, you must check the box “Add digital signature to this message” when finished click on the “OK” option.

I sent the message to the recipient, but you must demand that he sent another message with a digital signature. Once this step is completed, you can send encrypted messages, but only to the recipient with whom you shared messages with a digital signature. To start, open a message and select the “File” tab and now choose “Options” and then “Security settings” .

“Security Properties” box will appear on the screen and then you must check the “Encrypt message content and attachments” box. To finish, you just have to click on the “OK” option and you’re done and you can send your encrypted message.

In this way we have taught you an excellent protection function to avoid the attack of Cybercriminals. And in simple steps you already know how to encrypt and protect the messages of an email when sending it.


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