How to delete cookies from your Windows PC? – Features and benefits

When browsing the Internet, some suggestions to accept cookies usually appear, which are files created by the pages that are visited and that often improve navigation . However, you have to be careful with these cookies, since some are programmed to take personal information from the Internet user and use it for other purposes according to the programmers who create them.

How to Delete Cookies from your Windows PC? – Functions and Benefits

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  1. Why should you delete your cookies?
  2. How to delete cookies from a specific period?
  3. Change the cookie settings on your computer
  4. Is it necessary to remove cookies from your PC periodically?
    1. What are the disadvantages of not removing them?



Why should you delete your cookies?

Cookies are of great help to keep some data used to start sessions on pages saved on the web without the need to enter the information each time you browse the same site.

However, it is advisable that the search engine used to navigate is cleaned frequently , which includes deleting or eliminating cookies that accumulate, since in this way it is possible to recover space in the memory of the PC or mobile device.

As an error resulting from the accumulation of cookies, it is possible that the passwords and the auto-completion that you have registered in the searches will be deleted. The PC or mobile works a bit slow, since it is saturated by the cookies that are saved on the devices and reduces performance.

Care should also be taken with these cookies , since some can use the user’s personal data, also in the case of mobile phones it consumes battery, and apart from the fact that the mobile data rate is consumed.

How to delete cookies from a specific period?

When you want to delete cookies from your PC or mobile, you need to enter Chrome or the browser of your choice. Then, in the upper right corner, three vertical points are obtained , when clicking, a window with more tools appears , click on Clear browsing data and a window with two sections will appear.

The first section will correspond to basic and the second advanced, in the first it will show a time option where you can choose from which date the cleaning will be carried out, choose the date and you will be able to eliminate the navigation cookies between that range.

When you want to delete everything, all the boxes that appear in basic and advanced will be checked, it must be taken into account that if you want to leave the passwords, leave them unselected. There is also an option to delete cookies from specific websites.

Change the cookie settings on your computer

Cookies certainly improve web browsing and although in many cases they congest devices, they are essential on many pages, since if they are not accepted by users they will not be able to enjoy the content of said page.

It is the decision of each user to allow cookies in their navigation or, on the contrary, to block them, either because when browsing a page these notifications to accept cookies or the advertisements that they also generate are considered annoying.

So if you want to get rid of these cookies while you are on the web you can configure your browser, for this you need to enter Chrome , Mozzilla Firefox or the one you decide to use. Then press the vertical points located in the upper right, and choose Settings where there will be a   Privacy and security option .

In the site configuration tab, a window will open where you must select data from sites and cookies where you will decide whether to activate or deactivate them in your browser.



Is it necessary to remove cookies from your PC periodically?

It is necessary that cookies be cleaned periodically on the computer or mobile device, in order to have better performance and work on them to be more effective. In addition to freeing up space in the RAM memory of the devices, which causes faster browsing.

What are the disadvantages of not removing them?

You must be careful when accepting absolutely all web cookies , since these are sometimes third-party files to generate advertising and can also take user data, for this reason they should not be stored for a long time.

It is convenient to eliminate cookies, since they can be used by scammers who are dedicated to obtaining data from Internet users to carry out their misdeeds , with the data they take from cookies they can plagiarize accounts from social networks or banks.


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