How to block Cookies in Google Chrome?

We use the internet on a daily basis, but we completely forget that there are some elements that allow our browsing experience to be more comfortable and simple, but they can also take up a lot of storage space on our PC. Therefore we will tell you how you can block cookies in your Google Chrome browser .

Yes, cookies are nothing more than files where information about the websites you visit in Google Chrome is stored. They also offer you content that is related to your tastes or preferences according to the places you visit. It also helps us to keep our sessions open in the event that we accidentally close them.

But unfortunately it can collect a lot of personal information from the user , which can be a risk to your privacy. And this problem is further aggravated when we use public networks or free Wi-Fi.

Where cybercriminals can easily impersonate our identity on a page we visit by capturing the cookies that identify us. Therefore it is important to delete cookies from our PC whenever we can.

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  1. What is known as ‘Block third-party cookies’?
  2. What are the main cookies used on the internet?
  3. How do I delete my internet trace and cookies?
  4. Delete cookies from a specific website or a period of time
    1. Specific cookies
    2. Cookies by time
  5. What is the best cookie blocker there is currently?

What is known as ‘Block third-party cookies’?

Now you are hearing a term that was completely unknown before and that is none other than third-party cookies. Which is a file that is saved on our computer when we enter a web page , but said file comes from a different domain than the one we are visiting at that time.

Therefore, if we block third-party cookies, we will prevent data about social networks or advertising from being saved when visiting websites, but it will also help us to prevent advertisements from being displayed when we visit a page. And blocking third-party cookies from Google Chrome is a very simple task to carry out.

What are the main cookies used on the internet?

If you did not know what cookies are before , you may not know that there are also several types of cookies and as we already mentioned, they will help you have a more pleasant experience when browsing the internet. When entering a web page , temporary cookies are put into operation , which are only kept in your browser while you are on said page, once you leave it they are deleted.

Permanent cookies also work, which are installed on your hard drive and work to remember your browsing habits. We have already known the third-party cookies that are installed on the hard drive and are from other pages that place advertising on the page you are currently visiting, and the own cookies that are directly from the website you visit.

In addition, there are other groups of cookies that have specific purposes such as technical cookies that allow the perfect communication of internal data , and optimize the correct functioning of a web page, these cookies cannot be deactivated. There are also preferences cookies and they are responsible for saving settings made on pages that you have already visited.

Marketing cookies are responsible for managing the advertising found on the web pages you visit. And finally, there are performance and analysis cookies and they are mainly responsible for collecting data related to what they do on a specific web page.

How do I delete my internet trace and cookies?

Deleting your browsing history can be a bit of a difficult operation to perform if you don’t know the specific steps to take. But once you know them you will realize how simple it is and even more so in Google Chrome. The first thing you should do is enter the browser and we will position ourselves in the upper right corner and select the three-point icon.

An options menu will be displayed on our screen. In the case of being on a PC, you must choose the option ‘ More tools ‘. And in the new menu you select the option ‘ Clear browsing data ‘. Now you will be taken to a new page and in it a dialog box is displayed with different options that you can select and delete. Once you have selected the data to delete, you must click on the option ‘Delete data’ and that’s it.

Delete cookies from a specific website or a period of time

Now it is possible that what you want to do is delete the cookies from a specific web page and not from all the pages you have visited. Or you also want to delete cookies for a certain period of time. From Google Chrome it can be done in a very simple way, you just have to know the steps to follow and they are the following:

Specific cookies

To delete cookies from a specific website, you must first enter the Google Chrome browser. Go to the upper right corner where you will locate a three-dot icon. Click on it and a menu will be displayed from which you will select ‘Settings’. Then you must choose the section ‘Privacy and security’.

The next step is to select the option ‘Cookies and other site data’, then choose the option ‘See all cookies and site data’. Now you must find the name of the website you want to delete cookies, you will do this by going to the upper right corner and finally you just have to click on the ‘Remove’ option.

Cookies by time

In the event that you want to delete cookies for a certain period of time, you must do the following. In principle and as is obvious you must enter the Google Chrome browser and click on the three-dot icon that you will find in the upper right corner. Now in the menu you must choose the option More tools and then select ‘Clear browsing data’.

You will be taken to a dialog box and at the top you can see the ‘Time’ section with several options among them ‘Last hour’, ‘Last 24 hours’, ‘Last 7 days’, ‘Last 7 weeks’ ‘Since always’ . Choose the option of your preference, check or uncheck the data you want to delete and finally click on ‘Delete data’.

What is the best cookie blocker there is currently?

Google Chrome offers its users some very effective tools to block cookies and avoid being tracked when browsing. Although there are a wide variety of these extensions, the best one that currently exists is Privacy Badger . Which will block those cookies that are not essential to navigate without complications.

Blocking only those that you know can track the user, it’s a smart tool. In addition to showing on the screen the number of trackers that have been blocked and it is not necessary to modify the blocking options that you already have configured.

In this way we finished this very educational tutorial, which could teach you something more about navigation cookies and how to block them in Google Chrome . You may also be interested in knowing how to remove the cookie notice on a web page from the Google Chrome browser .

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