How To Customize Icons In Windows

How To Customize Icons In Windows.If you have an Android device, you may have realized that you cannot change the icons just like that, since it is necessary to install an application to customize them to your liking. In Windows, luckily, the process of changing the icons is much simpler.

The only thing we have to keep in mind is that Windows only allows you to customize the icon of folders and shortcuts. To do this, the system offers us a series of custom icons that we can use, but I’m going to tell you a secret: most of them are quite old-fashioned and a bit boring icons.

My recommendation is that you create your own icons. You can use an image generator like DALL-E 3 (available for free at Bing Image Generator) to bring your ideal icons to life, and then convert images from JPG format to ICO format using an online converter. It simply prevents the maximum image size from exceeding 256 x 256 pixels.

how to customize icons

How to change the folder icon in Windows 10/11

To change the icon of a specific folder in Windows, right-click on the folder and select “Properties”. Then go to the tab “Customize” and click on “Change icon “

How to change the folder icon in Windows

Finally, select one of the icons listed, or click browse and choose your own image to use as the icon. Remember that the image must be in .ICO format.

How to customize icons in Windows

Once you have chosen the new icon, click on “Accept” and “Apply” to save the changes.

change icons on windows

If you are having trouble viewing the changes, press the F5 key to refresh the Windows desktop.

How to customize the applications and files icon

In the case of programs and files, the process is a little more complicated. Windows does not allow you to change the icon of any document or executable (probably for security and application integrity). However, it does allow you to customize the shortcut icons.

So, if you want to change the Chrome browser icon, for example, you will first have to create a shortcut on the desktopNote: You can create a shortcut to any program by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “New -> Direct access.”

Once you have the shortcut (you will recognize it because the shortcuts have a small white box with a blue arrow), right click and go to “Properties ”. In the “Shortcut” tab, press the “Change icon” button and choose the new icon you want to use.

change icons on windows

That easy and that fast. If you want, you can even drag the shortcut to the Windows taskbar and the application will keep the same custom icon.

How to change the Recycle Bin and Computer icon

Windows also allows you to modify the icons of other elements displayed on the desktop, such as the Recycle Bin, Computer, our network user’s folder and even the Control Panel icon.

To change these icons, click on the desktop by right-clicking with the mouse and choose “Personalize”. Then go to “Personalization -> Themes” and enter “Desktop icon settings”.

In this new window, check the box for the icon you want to modify and click the “Change icon” button. Finally, select the desired icon and click “Apply” to save the changes.

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