How to customize and resize the Scroll bar in Windows

For we use Windows, the original touch to give everything in the system is a necessity. We all like to change how our programs are There are many things we can customize Windows as the desktop background theme , change colors, sounds, icons, sizes, fonts, among others. One of the variations that are a little more hidden, is to modify the size of the scroll bar in Windows.

By applying changes to this bar, we can see the windows much better and they will take up less space. What should we do to customize and change this bar? So we will explain simple steps that take you to achieve it.

Where can you view the Scroll bar in Windows?

When you open any window, even those of the same web browser you use, see to the right a bar that allows us to move into it. This displacement or Scroll we can do down, up, right and left.

That is, whether we have little or a lot to see, we walk through all the content of the window thanks to the space that this bar gives us. We can notice even using the mouse wheel to move.

There are many options that we have in the Windows configuration menu, such as the classic Windows 10 start menu , but customizing and changing the size of the Scroll bar will not be found here. Rather, we must take alternate paths that allow us to make some small changes. In this case , the Windows registry section will be our assistant.

What steps must follow to customize?

To change the size of the scroll bar in Windows, we must go to the Windows registry. To enter it, we pressed the Win + R keys and also we access through search Cortana, no matter if you are in Latin America . Once inside, we introduce and execute the command: regedit.exe. A box where we are asked if we want the program to make changes to your computer and press “Yes” appears.

When the registry editor opens, we will have a series of folders with options to modify. We will choose the one that says HKEY_CURRENT_USER . When clicking on it, another field of folders is displayed, here we find “Control panel”.

In the same way again pressed and have a list of folders that will place “Dekstop”. Finally in this section we visualize the file “Windows metric” and click on it.

Here we find several options identified by name, type , and data. Those who interest us to customize and change the scrollbar are the values ScrollHeight and ScrollWidth .

At the select and double click on any of them, you open the box “Edit String” that shows the default “-255”. This number we get to -15 multiplying by the number of observable pixels in the scroll bar next default being 17.

What we will vary is the number of pixels, so we can change the size of the scroll bar. An example, if we want 10 pixels thick × 10 -15 multiply = 150 and this is the value that will add the space for it.

We have a range of adjustment of between -120 (for thinner) and -1500 (for thicker). When we enter it we give “OK”, we restart the PC and that’s it! We will notice the new assigned value.

If you thought this configuration could not do on your computer, just you see that it is not. Actually, we can customize c hange the size of the scroll bar in Windows . If you have been helpful these steps we’ve found to help, leave us your comment.


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