How to cure an infected navel piercing

The navel piercing is undoubtedly one of the most popular piercings in Spain. Today, most of the people who decide to get it done are young women. However, something to keep in mind before getting one is that you should always do it a professional and follow their advice to take care of it. But in addition, we also want to show you some remedies to disinfect a piercing easily.

They are very simple and can be used to take care of a piercing in the navel or in any other area, as these home remedies will prevent you from getting infected. The belly button is a place that needs specific care, so pay attention.

What care does a navel piercing need?

To avoid an infection in the navel we must offer special care, because it can be quite annoying. Also, if the infection is serious, we may even have to remove the piercing. The first thing you should do is wash your hands well with mild soap and water . If the navel piercing wound has crusted over, soften it with a piece of cotton soaked in warm water so that it can be easily removed.

Afterwards, clean the entire area with mild soap and water and rinse well with water afterwards. For optimal disinfection of the area, you must spray with physiological saline making sure that it enters the hole. If at the same time you move the navel piercing up and down with gentle movements, you will prevent it from sticking to the wound, which is essential, at least for the first few weeks.

Then dry the skin very carefully. The best way to do it aseptically is to use a sterile gauze, never hands, towels or cotton, otherwise an infection in the navel may occur.

Finally, applying a disinfectant product is very necessary, especially if you suspect that there may be an infection. Povidone iodine is one of the best alternatives to disinfect a piercing effectively. But never use products such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, they could delay healing considerably.

Other tips to avoid a navel infection

There are other tips to keep in mind when you have just had a navel piercing. For example, do not wear tight clothing or wear anything that can rub against the piercing, such as belts, fanny packs … It is not recommended to touch it until it heals completely, except when you are disinfecting it.

On the other hand, professionals advise not to use creams on the area while it heals, or to go to a spa or swimming pool. Chlorine is a very harmful product for wound healing.

Finally, if by a mistake or some mistake you end up with an infection in the navel, you can do two things: either remove the piercing and heal the wound until the skin is renewed naturally, or change the piercing in the navel for one of pure titanium and disinfect the area well. Why? Well, because it is proven that titanium accelerates wound healing.

How to cure an infected navel piercing

Here’s how to learn how to cure an infected navel piercing with home remedies.

1. Salt

Salt water is one of the most effective home remedies to disinfect a piercing, as salt has antibacterial properties. To apply it, pour a little water into a glass and add a tablespoon of salt. Mix well until it is completely dissolved and you can now use it to wash the area several times a day and thus eliminate possible bacteria.

2. Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide

Earlier we said not to use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect a piercing, but there is a way to do it. You must be very careful because it is a very strong solution, and it should only be applied when we have a serious navel infection, that is, when the wound secretes pus . With this remedy you will be sure that the infection in the navel has been completely eliminated.

3. Antibiotic creams

The last option is the least aggressive, and consists of the use of antibiotic creams to end the infection in the navel. They should be applied to the affected area and let it act for a few minutes while the skin absorbs it.
Always do it with very clean hands, and you can move the piercing as we have explained above to prevent the scab from sticking. If you don’t, the wound may reopen and you could have another infection. Keep in mind that the healing process in this area lasts at least 12 months .

What to do if the infection does not go away

We don’t want to end this article without giving you one last piece of advice. If you have followed all the aforementioned care and the infection in the navel does not remit, you should go immediately to a dermatologist. It is rare to go to this extreme if this care is followed, however, you can make a mistake and your navel piercing could become infected.

In general, infections usually last two or three days, so if the infection continues after that time, you should get in the hands of a medical professional. This will examine the infection and provide us with a treatment to disinfect a piercing that, by the way, you must follow strictly. This will ensure that you end the problem quickly and safely.

Finally, do not forget that you must be very careful with cleaning the area. A daily hygiene routine is necessary for proper care of the navel piercing. And don’t forget to use one made of surgical steel or titanium, they are the best quality. Take these precautions into account when disinfecting a piercing, they will be very useful.

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