How to create folders in Telegram

it is one of the messaging apps that has multiple tools to streamline our conversations. If you have a lot of chats or like to have everything organised, we show you how to create folders in Telegram.

Currently, Telegram is the eighth most downloaded app in the world. Although it is not the most used messaging service because until now it is WhatsApp that continues to lead the ranking, it is one of the most interesting messaging platforms given the many functions it has for the user.

In addition, Telegram is one of the apps that best protect user privacy with functions, for example, such as self-destructing messages or end-to-end encryption.

Among the useful tools that Telegram has for the user is the possibility of sending uncompressed photos , activating the dark mode to relieve eye strain or the function of being able to create your own gifs.

Another of the tools that make Telegram much more attractive is the one that allows you to organize conversations within the app by saving them in folders . If you don’t know how to create folders in Telegram, we will tell you all the steps to follow to learn it.

How to create chat folders in Telegram

To find out how to create folders in Telegram where you can store your chats , the first thing you need to do is open the app. The conversation list will then appear. Now you need to go to the “Settings” section.

If you have a mobile phone with iOS , to enter “Settings” you must click on the icon of your profile picture at the bottom right of the screen. If, on the other hand, you have an Android mobile , click on the three lines you have in the upper left part of the screen.

Once inside “Settings” you have to click on “Folders” and on the “Create new folder” button . Now you have to customize it by entering the name of the folder, the chats you want to include in it and the chats that will never be archived in that folder.

After choosing the included and excluded chats, click “Done”. You will return to the screen of that folder and finally you just have to click on “Create”. The folder will be created and will appear in that section of ‘Folders’ within ‘Settings’. If you need to change the name and delete it, you can do it later by pressing the “Edit” button.

When you go back to your chats list you will have several tabs below the search box . The first is a list with all the chats and then you will have tabs for each of the folders with a number indicating the number of conversations inside.

How to organize files on Telegram

You already know how to create folders in Telegram or what is the same as how to organize files in Telegram. As you saw earlier, it’s a very simple process that is managed from the “Settings” section of the application.

Additionally, you can add a chat to a folder individually. To do this you must, without entering the conversation, press and hold the chat from the list. In the menu that appears you have to choose “Add to folder”. After that you will get the list of folders where you just have to choose the one where you want to save it.

The fact that the creation of folders is customizable, being able to add the name and chats, offers many possibilities. Thus, you can create folders, for example, of relatives where you keep all their chats or of colleagues.


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You can also create folders with Telegram bots depending on what these bots are about , for example news or shopping. Something very useful is also creating folders with less used chats.


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