How to create and access a hidden network share on Windows 10

There is a special type of network share called the hidden network share .
This is a share that does not appear when listing network shares from a PC.
This can add additional security to your local area network by attempting to conceal it.
However, this does not prevent access, so you must configure the sharing permissions as well as the NTFS security .
Finally it works for all versions of Windows, Windows XP. Windows 10.

This article shows you how to create and access a hidden network share on Windows 10 .


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Creating a hidden share is very easy.
We create a share in the classic way, simply at the end of the share name, we add a $ .
It is this $ finally of the share name which indicates not to list since the discovery of the network.
For example, to create a my-share share and make it hidden, all you have to do is give it the name share-name $.

To choose the name of a share, you must use advanced sharing .

For information, Windows creates some by default like ADMIN $ , IPC $ or the drive letters C $, D $, etc.
We then speak of administrative sharing .



Time needed:  7 minutes.

How to create and access a hidden network share on Windows

  1. Open the properties of the folder to share

Open File Explorer.
Then on the folder to share, right click and properties .

  1. Access advanced sharing

Then click on the Sharing tab .
Then click Advanced Sharing .

  1. Share the hidden folder

Check the Share this folder option .
Then name it with a $. It is important to end the name of the share with the $ .
Click on OK.

  1. Network folder sharing is complete

The share name appears with the $ at the end.
Click Close to close the folder properties.

  1. Test that the shared folder is hidden

Finally from a second PC, check that the share is not displayed from the network and share connections.
To help you list the network shares of a PC:

How to access a Windows 10 shared folder

Well done ! you have successfully created a hidden shared folder on Widnows.


The hidden share is not listed by default in the network so how do you access it?
Two ways:

  1. By the UNC path, ie the network path of the share. It is convenient to access it on an ad hoc basis
  2. By creating a network drive. This creates a player drive in File Explorer. Convenient when you need to access it frequently

It’s exactly as this article explains:

How to access a Windows 10 shared folder

In our example, we have a hidden share folder-share $ on Majorie-PC.
So to access the hidden share by the UNC path , we use the form:


So either:


Finally to create the network drive, follow this full article:

How to Connect / Map Network Drive on Windows 7, 10

Well done ! you have successfully accessed a hidden shared folder on Windows.


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