How to Access Hidden Mac System Features with Onyx

There are programs that facilitate the use of computer operating systems such as Windows, Linux, which are software that supports many applications. For example, today we will talk about how to use the Onyx program to access the hidden functions of Mac easily and simply.

But first we will give you a brief review of what Onyx is, what is its use in the iOS operating system. And finally we will tell you how to access the hidden functions of your Mac in an outlined and well explained way, so let’s get to it.

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  1. What is Onyx software?
  2. What is the use of Onyx?

What is Onyx software?

Onyx is, a software that allows Mac users to provide an easy and simple procedure to view hidden files of the Mac operating system. You can also with this software run maintenance scripts, tasks related to the system and enter parameters that can disable and activate hidden functions. This software is totally free and designed for the iOS operating system, being a very useful tool in the area of ​​the Mac system.

What is the use of Onyx?

When running Onyx on your Mac, keep in mind that when you use it for the first time, it will perform a disk scan that will take a few minutes. Of course, each time you start up, you will have the option to disable the disk verification option or postpone it to another convenient date.

After the drive check is done , Onyx opens as a one-window application , containing tools. With these you will be able to select different functions that Onyx brings, among the modalities it has for the system, are the following:

  • Cleaning the operating system.
  • Automation of activities and other tasks.
  • System records and data.
  • Mac software tools.
  • System maintenance.

Next, we explain how to use Onyx to access hidden functions of your Mac easily and easily.

Access hidden Mac system functions with Onyx

  • Registers and Information: These are basic functions of Onyx, but very similar to the one that the Mac has by default. This tool allows you to access a list of possible threatsthat the operating system may suffer such as malware, however it only gives you the information . The registration button tells you the latest updates made to the system.
  • Maintenance: This tool allows you to enter the usual Mac activities, such as checking the disk drive when it starts. You can also run series of maintenance commands, file recovery, and cache services, such as repairing file permissions.
  • Cleanup: Onyx’s cleanup feature allows you to clear cache documents that the Mac operating system has, which may be harmful or too large in memory. Even if there is a problem with your Max, deleting these files could fix it and thus improve system performance.
  • Electronic data processing: This feature is very advantageous for automating common activities, which means that instead of performing several tasks one by one, you can execute them all at once. It should be noted that the tasks are not done but that they are all together and thus execute it.
  • Benefits: The utility tool brings the benefit of being able to access hidden applications that are not visible on the desktop. For example, enter hidden folders that contain the operating system, the terminal, modify files and disks without having to execute commands. Among these hidden options are Screen Sharing, Wireless Diagnostic, Color Picker.
  • Quantifications: The parameter or quantification option gives you access to hidden system functions, such as individual applications. This is one of the most used functions, since it allows you to enter as a Dock hacker, such as only showing active applications.

These are the functions that Onyx allows you to enter the hidden folders of the Mac operating system in an easy way. As a reminder, this software only allows access to the terminal , mostly used for programmers who need to execute complex commands.

If you are going to use this software for developed tasks, we suggest doing it with caution, as a wrongly entered command can damage the system.

We hope that this article will be very useful, since its main objective is educational , to provide knowledge in the area of ​​computer science in systems.


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