15 hidden Apple Watch features you should know about

Using the watch will become even more convenient and enjoyable.When for some reason you need to pause your workout, you don’t have to look for the corresponding menu item on the screen. Simply press the wheel and the side button at the same time. Repeating the combination will resume the activity from where you left off.

2. Launch the last application

Don’t waste time searching through the menu to return to the last open application. Instead, double-tap the wheel and the program you were working with will instantly appear on the screen.

3. Muting sound with the palm of your hand

If you forget to turn on Do Not Disturb mode, simply cover the Apple Watch display with your palm for three seconds to quickly mute a ringtone or notification.

If this function does not work for you, go to the watch settings, open the “Sounds, tactile signals” section and make sure that the “Cover for off. sound “.

4. Time message by vibration


You can see the time on almost every Apple Watch screen, but Tactile Time lets you know what time it is without even looking at the display. First, turn it on in the Watch app on your iPhone. To do this, on the “My Watch” tab, open the “Clock” → “Time is tactile” section, turn on the toggle switch of the same name and select one of the notification options: “Numbers”, “Short” or “Morse Code”.

If the item is not active, you need to activate “Time out loud”, select the setting “Depends on silent mode” for it and turn off “Time out loud” again.

The function works like this: touch the dial with two fingers and count the vibrations. In the “Numbers” mode, long signals mean tens of hours, short – ones, then long – tens of minutes, short – ones. In the “Short” mode, the time is rounded up to a quarter of an hour, and when “Morse code” is selected, the numbers, as you might guess, are transmitted in Morse code.

5. Hourly time signals

Apple Watch can measure the time by beeping at the start of each hour, like electronic wristwatches in the past. To activate this feature, open Settings on your Apple Watch, go to the Clock section, and turn on the Chime option. In the item “Sounds” you can choose one of two options: “Bells” or “Birds”.

6. Screenshot

Frame: Tim Lion / YouTube

As with smartphones, you can take screenshots on the Apple Watch. To do this, first open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to the “My Watch” tab in the “General” section and turn on the “Screenshots” toggle switch.

Now press the wheel and the side button of the watch at the same time. The screen will blink and the screenshot will immediately appear in the Photos app on your iPhone.

7. Search iPhone by light signal

Frame: Apple Russia / YouTube

Many people know that it is easy to find a smartphone lying between the sofa cushions with the help of a sound signal. However, few people are aware that you can make the gadget also blink with a flash to facilitate searches in the dark.

To do this, open Control Center on your Apple Watch with a swipe up, and then hold your finger on the vibrating iPhone icon.

8. Increase the brightness of the flashlight

Despite the lack of LEDs, the Apple Watch has a very thoughtful flashlight. It works by filling the screen with a white or red background and turning on the backlight at maximum brightness. The function is launched from the “Control Center” by clicking on the corresponding icon, but does not shine at full power right away, so as not to dazzle you.

If you don’t want to wait about three seconds for the flashlight to become brighter, just tap the screen or turn the screen away from you on your wrist.

9. Show applications as a list

By default, icons of installed applications are displayed in a scalable grid. It looks nice, but makes it difficult to navigate. If you prefer an ordered list, open the settings on your watch, go to the “View Apps” section and select “List View”.

10. Hide the content of notifications

When notifications arrive on the Apple Watch screen, they are clearly visible not only to you, but also to the person nearby. If you are often in crowded places, you may want to hide messages from prying eyes.

Go to the watch settings, find the “Notifications” item and turn on the “View only when locked” toggle switch. After that, when notifications are received, only the application icon will be displayed, and the contents will open after unlocking.

11. Sorting dials

Surely you have favorite watch faces. In order not to look for them among others, you can move the frequently used ones to the beginning. To sort, just hold your finger on one of the options in the selection menu and drag it like an icon on the iPhone desktop.

12. Viewing time in desktop clock mode

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When you put Apple Watch on charge, it switches to bedside clock mode, but it doesn’t show the time all the time. To find out what time it is, you need to unlock the gadget by touching the screen or pressing the wheel. Instead, you can simply tap lightly on the table or bedside table on which the device is located.

If the feature doesn’t work, open the settings on your Apple Watch, go to the “General” section and make sure the “Night mode” toggle switch is on.

13. Force restart

To restart the watch, just hold the side button and slide the “Turn off” slider. This cannot be done if the Apple Watch is frozen and unresponsive. In this case, a forced reboot will help out. To complete it, simultaneously hold down and hold the wheel and the side button until the image of an apple appears on the screen.

14. Speed ​​Up Updates

Updates take a lot of time to install, and that’s because data is transferred via Bluetooth. To speed up the process, you can use a simple trick and turn off Bluetooth in the “Control Center”. This will force the watch to switch to Wi-Fi and speed up the download speed.

15. Eco mode

Frame: Apple User / YouTube

Apple Watch needs to be charged approximately every two days. If you are traveling or are unable to power your watch for another reason, you can save battery power by setting the device to Eco Mode. To do this, open Control Center, tap the percent icon, and then slide the Eco Mode slider and click Next.

In this state, all applications stop working, and the clock only shows the time. To turn off Eco Mode, you need to hold the side button until Apple Watch restarts.

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