How to create an email account in Yahoo

The fact of creating an email account is currently essential to access some portals or to send and receive information; There are many email providers on the Internet, but one that offers many benefits to its users and enjoys a good reputation is Yahoo!

If you need to create an email account, this post showed you step by step how to register or create a Yahoo email account? easily and for free.

How to register or create an email account in Yahoo?

  1. Search your browser preference the official website of Yahoo .
  2. Once inside the official Yahoo page, go to the upper right corner and click on “Mail . 
  3. It will immediately redirect you to the “Sign in to Yahoo Mail” page; there you must click on the option «Create an account» .
  4. Now a form will appear on the screen that you must fill out in order to register in Yahoo Mail.
  5. The data that you must enter are: name, surname, telephone number (when you enter the number you must choose the prefix that belongs to your country) and date of birth.
  6. In addition, you must enter the username that your Yahoo account will have, that is, your email address and you must also create a complex password.
  7. After filling out the form, click “Next”.
  8. Now you must verify the telephone number that you entered in the previous form; This step is important because having a phone number registered and verified will allow you to recover your email password more easily if you ever forget it. If you want to change the phone number in this step you can do it.
  9. Click the blue button “Send a verification code by text message” .
  10. You will receive an SMS with a code to the number you registered; Enter this code in the box established for it and click “Verify”.
  11. After verifying your phone number , Yahoo will welcome you and you should click the blue “Done” button.
  12. You will immediately enter the inbox of your new email from Yahoo that is now ready to start using it.
  13. From this moment you can log into your Yahoo account as many times as you want to check your inbox and communicate with your contacts.

Tips that you should follow when creating an email account in Yahoo:


  • Write an email address that identifies you or is associated with your name; for example use your full name and surname or initials. It may be the case that your username is not available because another user uses that name; however, Yahoo will show you several available suggestions, if you wish you can choose any of those suggestions.
  • If you want to create an email account for professional or academic use, avoid creating an address with unprofessional names like gatita89, elflacobello, laprincesa2020 or elmoreno56; Names like these will give you a bad image and you will get companies not to read your email.
  • Create an address that is easy to remember and pronounce; prevents the domain from being too long and containing special characters.
  • If the Yahoo mail you want to create is for your company, the username must represent the name or brand of your company; for example a company called Cleaning Service Now !, you can write your address


  • Create a complex password that combines numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters. In this other article we will show you some tips to easily create a strong and easy to remember password .
  • Never use personal data to create a password, for example your first or last name, date of birth, or phone number.
  • Avoid using the password that you use in your social networks or other online services in your email, since the email usually contains a lot of personal information; So if someone managed to access your account they would get all your information.
  • Never use sequences of numbers (123456) or use letters followed by the keyboard (zxcvbnm).
  • Remember to add an alternative phone number and email; This is important because if you ever forget your Yahoo mail password, you can easily recover it using one of these two methods.
  • Finally, remember that having a strong password is essential so that you can protect your social networks to the maximum .

Open your email account in Yahoo today because it offers security, large storage capacity and its interface is simple. It also has Span filters and custom folders; all these advantages will make you enjoy your experience in Yahoo!


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