Learn to use the Soud Amplifier app

Welcome back! In case you don’t know, Google has released a new application to make things easier for people who have hearing difficulties. It is an app called Sound Amplifier, which is specifically used to improve the hearing of people who need it.

This application is exclusive to Android and is available in the Google Play Store for free. Later in this new post we will talk to you in great detail about everything you need to know to learn how to install and use Sound Amplifier .

How to install Sound Amplifier?

In this first section you will learn how to install the Sound Amplifier application quickly and easily. We simply invite you to follow the following instructions to the letter so that you do not have any inconvenience in this regard.

  • The first thing you should do is log into the Google Play Store on your Android device and locate the search bar.
  • Then write in it the name of the app in English “Sound Amplifier” and click on the first application that appears in the list of results.
  • Now you must select the “Install” option and wait a few minutes for the download and installation process to finish on your Android device.
  • In this way, you will have finished the installation process of the Sound Amplifier app to improve people’s hearing.

Learn to use the Soud Amplifier app

  • Once you have downloaded this app, then click on its icon found in the mobile apps menu to start using it .
  • Then you have to go to the option « Settings » you will see that a menu with several options is displayed. Among them you must select ” Accessibility “, then click on “Sound amplifier” and finally select the option ” Use service “.
  • It should be noted that to correctly activate this app you must have the hearing aids connected to the mobile device.
  • Now, with the app running, we will see that another button appears in which the service can be deactivated just by pressing it. Specifically, this button is located in the lower right, however you can move it across the screen to place it where you want.

What options does this app offer us?

Once you enter the settings part you can modify everything related to the audio. For example, if you want to change the settings for the audio coming out of the speakers, then select the ” Speaker Settings ” option . In this option you can adjust the audio level of both headphones as you prefer.

On the other hand, in the microphone settings you can adjust the volume of the audio output . It also allows us to select whether we want to use the device’s microphone or the one that is integrated into the headphones.

Without a doubt, this option is very useful. For example, if you select the mobile phone, you can move it however you want to be able to speak and listen with greater comfort. Now, if you want to hear your voice louder on the mic, we recommend that you use the headset microphone.

Finally, you can activate the unwanted sounds option. In this way, it is possible to eliminate the background sound of a video  or when talking on the phone.

In this case, if we are in a place with background music or any other noise, the people who are listening to us through the mobile will not notice it. In fact, it is an excellent alternative to record audio with professional quality .

That is why Sound Amplifier is one of the best applications that exist to improve the quality of audio voice recording and to hear sounds better.

How Sound Amplifier works

Many users often misunderstand the function of this application. Although the name of it tells us that it is a mobile sound amplifier, this is not entirely true.

Actually this app uses the microphone of the headphones to amplify the sound that surrounds us . In fact Sound Amplifier was developed to help users who have a certain degree of hearing impairment.

Basically when activating this incredible app we will notice that the sounds are heard much louder. For example, the mouse click will be heard vigorously and of course the clicking sound will be more noticeable.

On the other hand, when raising or lowering the volume you can choose between raising the tone of the mobile phone or the amplification, which is very useful.


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