How to Create a Business Email Account

For those who are looking for a way to improve their personal email account, there are business emails which have certain advantages over regular accounts.

If you have already decided to opt for this enhancement and start working with a business account, this article is intended to explain everything about this type of account and how you should go about opening a business email .

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  1. What are institutional email addresses?
  2. What are the benefits of having a business email?
  3. What should we take into account before creating our institutional email?
    1. Create your own domain
    2. Research your prospects
    3. Choose a chart of accounts and storage
    4. Create personal accounts within the mail
  4. How can I configure my current Gmail account as a business one?
  5. What is the best digital platform to create an institutional email account?
    1. Genuine Cloud
    2. NameCheap

What are institutional email addresses?

They are emails that have all the utilities and advantages of a normal email , except that it has some advantages over them. In general, business emails can be identified, since they have the name of the brand or company after the “@”. For example:

Thus, we can also say that corporate emails help the company to separate the personal part with that of the company . That is, the first part is made up of a name X, while the second part has the name of the company and, for practical purposes, creating a corporate email in Gmail is very easy to do.

What are the benefits of having a business email?

Now, you may wonder if this type of email has advantages over regular emails. The answer to this is affirmative and below, we will mention some of them:

  1. Improved information leakage

As such, all corporate email is capable of providing you with programming functions so that the same email can be adapted to the needs of your company.

In the same way, the filters that you can establish for the different types of information are at your discretion and it is possible with corporate emails . It could be said that you have better control over emails considered as spam, emails that contain some type of virus, the ability to filter the amount of advertising you receive and the different emails that are normally considered informative.

  1. Avoid falling for spam

In general, when we send too many emails , our recipient tends to send us to the Spam folder because they consider us that way. It does not matter if it is an account in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and others, this will always happen.

Now, the situation changes drastically when your email is backed by a domain and a Hosting. In this case, regardless of the number of emails you send, they will end up reaching the inbox and the user will be able to see them without problems. So you can rest easy if you intend to send personalized bulk emails.

  1. Easier when working

Generally, a corporate email is used by more than one person. When this happens, you tend to receive too much information and the common thing is that it is different information and directed for each person. The good news is that corporate emails help you to a great extent to manage information and that all emails that reach the mailbox arrive in an orderly manner.

What should we take into account before creating our institutional email?

There are a number of aspects that you have to consider very well before deciding to create an institutional or corporate email. Among the most prominent are:

Create your own domain

It is vital that you have your own domain and not one that is borrowed or temporary. All corporate email must have a unique domain, which is different from the others and which, above all, can be recognized and remembered by anyone.

Keep in mind an important aspect and that is, do not confuse the domain of a web page with the domain of an email. They are totally different things and the way to find out is that email domains are those words or names that follow an @.

Research your prospects

It is vital that you investigate everything related to your clients, since depending on the information you obtain, your domain name will change . In addition, it will be much easier for you to establish marketing plans and sales strategies through email.

An important fact is that, depending on the results of your research, it is recommended that you add an electronic signature, for example, Outlook offers you this option , and it will surely help you to connect with your target audience.

Choose a chart of accounts and storage

As for the plans that you can choose, this will depend on which platform you choose will be. In general, the prices of the plans and their respective storage have a very similar cost. You can choose to open a business email account in Gmail , or choose the platform that best suits you.

Create personal accounts within the mail

Although it is not mandatory, if you can implement it whenever you have a work team that needs to handle it through emails . There are plans that allow you to create a limited number of personal emails within your own business email.

How can I configure my current Gmail account as a business one?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a business Gmail account , but you haven’t set it up yet. To do this you have to:

  1. Start by logging in with your business account.
  2. After you’re inside, look for the gear in the upper right corner and click on Settings.
  3. Within this menu, you must open the Accounts and Imports option
  4. Then you have to select Add a POP3 Mail account that is yours
  5. From here, a window will open which will allow you to configure the account to receive emails.
  6. Gmail gives you the option to link up to 5different accounts at the same time.
  7. Once you have entered the email and clicked next step, you will have to enter a hosting.
  8. What remains is to fill in the fields that are requested in the window and to finish, you have to click on Add Account.

What is the best digital platform to create an institutional email account?

Believe it or not, Gmail is not the top recommended platform for creating business accounts. There are many on the internet that have better features and give the user greater possibilities . Among these we can mention:

Genuine Cloud

It is a platform based in Mexico and is considered one of the leaders in the business mail sector. In case you are wondering what makes Genuino Cloud different from the rest , it is simply because of the following:

  1. You are not required to pay an exact amount for identical emails
  2. You have the ability to choose cloud storageranging from 10GB to 100GB.
  3. Each user can choose functions separately or build their own packages to avoid spending on functions that are not necessary.
  4. You have the possibility of contracting business mail serviceswith two providers, but maintaining the same domain.


What characterizes this company is its great capacity to offer functions and services of the highest range . You can easily manage your domains as you prefer, establish simple configurations, have access to certain applications, it has plans that are accessible to almost any user.

The biggest advantage that we can mention about Namecheap is that it offers support 24 hours a day, every day. So, if you have any kind of problem or news with your business account, the answer you will have will not take too long.

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