How to Create a Free Clue Menstrual Calendar Account – Quick and Easy

With the advances that have been made at the technological level , we have been able to do many things that previously were not impossible or that we believed unrealistic. Medical interventions have changed and improved, different types of advertising have reached websites never thought of and we have been able to shed light on never-before-seen problems.

It is a great fortune that technology has come to the lives of all of us for good, because after all, anyone can access it without too much trouble.

Now, this same technology has also been translated into an easier way of seeing our day to day. The annoying and mundane can become interesting and easy to do.

Every little aspect of technology that has come our way can easily be transformed into something that makes our lives easier. A very clear example of this is mobile phone applications .

Each application is designed for something. Whether it’s entertainment or something else, each app is made to make life a little easier in at least one small way. Be it the Google applications or any other that meets your expectations.

In fact, applications have come to facilitate aspects that we did not think were possible to make easier. An example of this is the Clue application. Clue is a menstrual calendar . It basically helps each woman to be able to keep a check on her menstrual cycle.

This same calendar will inform you of the days of ovulation, fertility and when menstruation should start on a monthly basis . It is really something that every woman should have on her mobile. So if you choose to download the app, see below what you have to do to create an account.

Creating an account on the Clue Menstrual Calendar

In order for the application to be accessed and managed properly, an account must be used. Fortunately, creating an account within the Clue Menstrual Calendar is not too difficult. All you have to do to create an account in the app and start closely monitoring your menstrual cycle is the following:

  • Start by downloading and installing the app on your mobile device . Please note that this is available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Once you have it downloaded, enter it. The first thing that will appear on the screen is a message that tells you that you need an account. It gives you the option to log in directly or create an account. In this case create an account.
  • You can create an account through your Google or Facebook account to do it faster. But you can also do it by mail.
  • Enter the option to create an account with the email.
  • Fill in the blank fields with the corresponding data.
  • Once the entire process of entering the relevant data is done, you can start using the account. Just remember that you have to verify your account through the email that the app has sent to your email.

How can I use the Clue app?

When you are using the Calendar for the first time, the same application will ask you to specify various information about yourself, such as your preferred contraceptive method. You need to specify each of these fields so that the application can assist you more effectively.

Also, once you have finished with all this, you have to enter some extra data, in the settings you can find your profile you can find several data that you still have to specify, such as your weight and others.

From here, you just have to be aware of your menstrual cycle with the application, which will let you know of any imbalances. You can also specify tons of aspects of your menstrual cycle within the app , so that you can be more aware of what is happening in your body.


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