How to easily view the statistics and subscribers of a YouTube channel

You can do a bit of everything on the internet. There are people who claim that there is no way to be bored or have nothing to do if you have the Internet. And, in effect, the Internet ends up being a window to another universe to search for endless alternatives .

Whether we like music a lot , a specific show or we are simply doing research for a thesis; we can find everything we need on the Internet and much more.

Now, if we are talking purely about the entertainment aspect on the Internet and all the content that is there, you can spend days browsing through different pages finding all kinds of content that may be to your liking. From video games, to your favorite videos.

And, this is where YouTube comes in. Being one of the most visited pages worldwide, we can find all kinds of content and personalities in it, and be able to interact in different ways with various communities there.

You can listen to music, watch documentaries, interviews, news and much more, you can even enjoy your HD videos without getting stuck . And, best of all, you can also create content for YouTube.

When you create content for YouTube , over time, and with the growth of subscribers, you can earn money from visits to your videos and from subscriptions. That is why many find making videos on YouTube quite good.

However, it takes a lot of work to get to a high and stable point for it to become your career. And, while you get there, you always have to be on the lookout for your stats . That is why below we will talk about how to see your statistics and those of others on YouTube; so you don’t miss your growth or that of your favorite youtuber.

Viewing your statistics

Really, seeing the statistics of your YouTube channel is a very simple task. You may be interested in seeing the number of visits a video receives on a daily basis or you want to know how much people of a certain age have liked a video.

You can see all this and more in Youtube Studio. This is a separate page from Youtube. With the URL starting with “studio” instead of ” www “, you can go directly, open your Youtube account and check everything that Youtube Studio has for you.

Once you have opened the page, you can see in the bar on the left an option that says ” Statistics “, click on it. And from here, you will be able to see all the statistics available for each video that you have uploaded, as well as the statistics of your channel.

It is really a very complete tool . Keep in mind that this same process can be done from the application for Android and iOS.

Viewing the statistics of others

Viewing the statistics of your channel is something very different from seeing the statistics of the other channels. In general, the general statistics of the other channels are personal information of each channel. As a third party, you can only see the number of their subscribers on their profile and also see the views on each video.

However, there are ways to find out everything that has to do with the statistics of each channel, including an estimate of how much they earn monthly or annually.

Although you can find lots of similar pages on the internet, none is as complete and easy to use as Social Blade . This is a page where all these statistics of which we have spoken are presented.

And, best of all, it is very easy to use. You just have to enter its web portal, write the name of the YouTube user that interests you and you will be able to see everything that interests you on the screen and more.


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