How to create a corporate identity manual in Illustrator

The business issue reaches new estimates before the arrival of Digital Marketing , which through its use and tricks is possible to sell more in business , and therefore be a built success, and not a fortuitous one. With this we can say that success and greatness is not something that arises adrift , business growth has become a very arduous element of study and planning.

So arduous, that strategic planning in companies , becomes a necessity, but nothing more necessary and distressing than laying the foundations of what is possible, what is not allowed, as well as leaving a clear business message and in unison, attract the customer’s attention. All this sounds complicated, especially if it is said that it must be included at the same time, and in the same space.

Including all this in one space is possible, since that is what the corporate identity manual exists for. What will be key and necessary, be it in a large company, or a personal brand of your own . There are many ways to materialize it, but we are going to see how to do it in Illustrator or pdf the easy way.

What is a corporate identity manual and how can it be done?

It is summarized in the simple words of being a cover letter and clarification, where it is going to refer and show the determining elements of the company , it not only shows the logo, networks, presentation and others. It will include the clarification of limitations and use that a brand or image may have.

But at the same time, it is an attractive element that will synthesize the most striking and essential components to advertise, and expose the themes of traffickers in the corporation. For this reason, it is both a time saver, and a firm basis for eliminating the speciations and limitations of use and protecting the company from the possible abuse of its image or product.

As we can see, it is an element of utmost importance, and to do it or create a corporate identity manual in Illustrator or pdf, it is only necessary to know its components, and apply them to taste and criteria using Illustrator or pdf, it can be done easily, since It does not have a rigid and solemn format, but is a construction of the personal imagination, but subject to generalities.

How to create a corporate identity manual in Illustrator or pdf?

The process is extremely simple, in addition to being under strict personal criteria of the creator, therefore a traditional list of steps does not apply. However, based on its inevitable components, Illustrator or pdf tools can be applied easily , and give life. They are the following:

A Logo : you may already have it, or it can be easily created with Illustrator or pdf. Added to it, the gray-based model must be attached. As well as an approved variant, and the details regarding size and use that the corporate establishes. Within the Illustrator or pdf interface, this is very easy, so there will be no problem.

The corporate colors : the tones that were used in the design of the logo must be included, as well as the colors that can be seen related to the theme. For this we recommend the range of colors “pantone” which is Illustrator is widely accessible. This ensures the color that is chosen, is the same as the final result, when printing.

The typeface : it must be made clear is the style and size used and approved for use in all future presentations. For this reason Illustrator or pdf typographic tools are more suitable.

Particular specifications and reproduction size : it must be clear the maximum size to which the logo can be minimized, as well as some special specification to ensure that quality will not be lost in the future. For this reason, elements such as Illustrator or pdf are used, because their stable interface and final visual definition. It is not lost so easy.

Uses not due : a section must be included to clarify the details and cases that cannot be used, which is left to the individual judgment of the owner.

Corporation in the stationery : by using the Illustrator or pdf tools, you can and should create a section with the specifications and samples for the use of the corporate image or logo, in presentations such as letters, envelopes, covers or the like.

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