How to create a bulleted or numbered list in Adobe InDesign?

Page layouts today have become a very important part of the web commerce industry. Commerce in general is what maintains today’s economy , and the truth is that digital commerce, which is directly branching out with terms such as marketing or digital marketing, has become a pillar in large companies. from all the different industries in the world.

Adobe InDesign is an application that is responsible for the composition of web pages, which is developed by the company Adobe Systems. This application was aimed at professional layout artists looking to oppose the application that was used at that time called qxp (QuarkXPress) which had long held a monopoly on the subject of page composition, therefore it is recommended to download Adobe InDesign from the official page.

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  1. What type of data can be sorted by Adobe InDesign lists?
  2. What is the procedure to sort my data in Adobe InDesign?
    1. How to sort the data correctly?
    2. What to do to apply vignettes?
    3. What are the steps to apply a pre-built list format?
  3. How can I save my Adobe InDesign list?

What type of data can be sorted by Adobe InDesign lists?

Thanks to an intense marketing campaign, renaming Adobe InDesign as an app for the new millennium, it gradually gained users, because its public was skeptical about the quality of the rival application.

Data that goes into lists in Adobe InDesign is usually easily made into tables of contents . These tables are those that have all the information that is going to be displayed, such as a magazine, book content , photo captions, advertisements, or any other type of striking object that helps the reader find the information they need. Documents can have multiple tables of contents each, such as a list of chapters and a list of illustrations.

What is the procedure to sort my data in Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign, being a fairly advanced program, has quite simple ways to organize data. The content or data that you want to handle, so that they can be seen on the page, were previously taken, and while the page is being designed, new ideas can be varied in this regard.

To order the data you can use the spell checker in Adobe InDesign  and go to the list section, and in it you can edit your enumeration codes, which will make your text frames have the order that has been placed on them. The text frames must have a very specific order with respect to the presentation of the page in general. The first thing that will be seen on the page will be the presentation, and how it is generally broken down.

How to sort the data correctly?

To order the data correctly, you can easily make content tables that contain all the necessary information within their structure . The idea of ​​these tables is that the content looks as ordered and symmetrical as possible, which will make the page look very professional and pleasing to the readers when it is completely finished. To create the tables, do the following:

  1. In case you are making a table for a single document, it is recommended to add a new page at the beginning of the document
  2. Go to layout and then table of contents, if you don’t have a TOC style you can choose it from the TOC styles menu.
  3. In the box ”title” You must put one for the same TOC.
  4. Select include book documents, this to create a single table of contents. This table will be for the list of all book documents within the file
  5. Determine or specify the content or information that you want to include in the table. This is done by double clicking on the paragraph styles.
  6. Select replace ‘existing table of contents’ option to be able to replace all existing articles in the table of contents.

What to do to apply vignettes?

Bullets are another method to be able to order the content that will be added in the pages that will be styled. This type of actions carried out in Adobe InDesign will allow you to create numbered or mixed multilevel lists , to be able to carry them out you must do the following:

  1. Click the bulleted list or the button that has the list numbered
  2. Choose the bullet layout or the enumeration style from the list.

What are the steps to apply a pre-built list format?

The pre-designed formats are a part that gives us a starting point to have ideas when using Adobe InDesign. To be able to use these formats, we simply have to go to the ”formats” section and select the one that best suits us, or the one that best suits the theme of the page or the content that is being delivered to the reader.

How can I save my Adobe InDesign list?

To save the Adobe InDesign list, simply save the file in InDesign Format, which will maintain the special format that this type of file always handles.


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