How to create a brand

The creative process of corporate branding linked to the experience of launching a brand requires personalized advice at a stage in which the protagonist can feel the weight of uncertainty in the absence of having lived a previous chapter of these characteristics. Something that does exist who is at this point is the motivation to visualize that idea that projects in your mind on the reality of the facts. How to get to the desired state?


Brand Consistency

A solidity that is the result of transmitting a uniform image between what you want to project a brand of yourself and the image that really brings to others through the different actions aligned with this branding plan. This clarity in the narrative of the corporate story starts from a good argument.

Brand Logo Creation

This image is the visual badge that names the business through the information in this code that will be present in the different communication channels. For example, on the website, in social networks, in corporate emails, in advertising catalogs and in advertisements. Currently there are many brands and each of which has managed to place itself as a synonym for trust in the consumer perspective has managed to specify some differential detail in its essence. This personalization of the brand is a step that is not always achieved from complexity but from simplicity.



Target audience identification

A brand has something to tell, therefore, this message needs to be heard by people who attend with interest all the news from the launch. For this connection to be possible, it is essential to make a preliminary diagnosis of the population group to which it is addressed. This segment of the population can be the voice of the brand when it acts as an ambassador through its recommendations.

Time of evolution

If you investigate around the reference of different examples of brands that you admire you can see that, beyond the different nuances that describe the biography of each initiative, there is a common element in each of those stories: time. A temporary space that is the basis of the achievement of new achievements from the beginning. For this reason, if you are in this moment of entrepreneurship, it is highly recommended that you face this new challenge from an understanding of the branding project seen as a long-term incentive. In a period in which customers are exposed to so much daily information, it is impossible to transcend commercially from the brevity of a measure that closes its doors at its beginning stage.

The vision, mission and values ​​of the brand

Do you know the answer to each of these sections? What is the philosophy? Complete this thematic block with the enumeration of the brand objectives identifying the positive, attainable and stimulating challenges of a present in the process of expansion.


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