Learn from Cisco’s Branding Strategy to Get the Best Talent

It is very important to build a company brand in this era of intense competition. Many large companies are willing to spend a lot to be able to present a brand that can amaze the market. This is not only talking about the world of marketing, but also in the world of HR (Human Resources). All companies, of course, want to get the best human resources to be able to contribute to the progress of their company. However, the era is different now, I find many people today who choose to build their own business instead of having to work for companies that already exist. Of course this will have an impact on companies in getting the best human resources they want. Yes, the competition finds talentit keeps happening. Not only between giant companies, but also with startups.

But there is something interesting about what Cisco is doing as a strategy to get the best human resources. Not by conducting large-scale job fairs or campus recruitment everywhere, not also carrying out various strategies or using consulting services, but by building a brand that Cisco is the best place to work and is done by all its employees.

This computer networking hardware and software company maintains a blog entitled ‘Life At Cisco’ which at least every week always includes articles written by Cisco employees about the excitement of working there. Some of the articles that we can find on the blog, such as, an intern who wrote 5 things why he wanted to work as an intern at Cisco, then a talent source who told how after working at Cisco he could have more time with his family. However, it is not only a matter of time or work environment, other workers also write down how they have a perspective and mindsetthat changed when he worked at Cisco. There have been countless articles that are inspiring stories of why Cisco employees enjoy working for the company.

This is a Cisco strategy to be able to campaign itself as ‘ the best place to work ‘. We can easily guess that this is a Cisco strategy because at the end of each article it says “Want to join our incredible teams? We’re hiring. Apply now . ” Impressed hard selling ? Yes, that’s right, but there is no problem in it because employees have spearheaded recruiting itself by building the brand for Cisco. I think employees would be reluctant to do all of this if they didn’t have the pride of working at Cisco.

It is also interesting to pay attention to the #WeAreCisco hashtag on Twitter which also tells about the activities of Cisco employees around the world who are proud and happy to be intentionally tweeted. There are countless numbers of these tweets, but there is clearly a sense of pride in them. Just imagine if more than 74,000 Cisco employees tweet, of course #WeAreCisco can become a trending trend that will raise the Cisco name to many ears.

Selling the Cisco name is not only the job of the recruiter at Cisco, but is a fun thing to do. Utilizing social media is also an unpaid strategy that can be implemented by all employees. Through blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it is as if Cisco’s who and what has been shared throughout the universe. Who is most capable of doing it? Of course all Cisco employees can do it anywhere and anytime.


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