How To Copy A Game From CD to PS3

PS3 (PlayStation 3) is one of the consoles released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2006-2007. The console gained worldwide popularity: by 2012, the developers announced that about 80 million copies were sold, and the number of games available, not counting those available only on PSN , exceeded the 4300 mark.

How to copy a game from CD to PS3.

Everyone knows that in order to play on PS3, you need to purchase a license. There are two ways in total: buy a licensed CD or a digital version from an online store . In this article, we will take a closer look at the method of installing from a laser drive to the internal memory of the set-top box.

Before we start, I would like to say why, in fact, do this and what the consequences will be.

There are advantages to using a CD, but the main one is to reduce the load on the HDD. Many are of the opinion that the PS3’s built-in memory should contain a minimum of information in the form of saves and updates. However, the constant use of the disk, whatever one may say, sooner or later will disable it. Even the most thrifty user cannot avoid minor damage in the form of scratches.

Multiman for PS3

The first thing we need is the Multiman program installed on the console. It is with its help that recording from a CD to an HDD is made, and it also allows you to record information from other media, such as flash drives and removable hard drives.

The program is in the public domain and it will not be difficult to find it. After you download the file, drop it onto a USB flash drive and connect it to PS3 . Go to the file manager on the console and navigate to the inserted drive. Find the installer file there and press X. The installation will start, after which you can use this utility.Start Multiman and insert the game disc into the drive. Go to the file manager in the program, there you will see the console’s internal drive. Find the Games folder – in it you need to create a folder and name it the game code without a dash.

You can look at the code on the box or on the booklet that is in the package. Now open the disk folder in the file manager and transfer its contents to the newly created directory. The copying process starts. Once the procedure is complete, the disc can be removed from the drive.Go to the Games menu on your console and click the Update button. After this procedure, the game should appear in the list of available ones.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the ability to copy from a CD to the PS3 built-in memory is available only for flashed consoles . If your PS3 is not flashed, then you simply cannot enter the file manager.That’s all, now you have the ability to run games on the PC without using a disk.

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