How to change your location for Netflix

Netflix allows us to access an immense catalog of streaming content, either in our country or in any other where the platform is available, but it has some region limitations, so we will teach you how to change the location to be able to watch Netflix content from another country on your computer.

In order to access Netflix content from another country, we have only one way to do it and that is by using a VPN with which we can make our team believe the rest of the servers to which we connect that we are in another country and thus we can watch Netflix from another country.

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Access Netflix from another country

First of all, you may wonder why it would be a good idea to access Netflix from another country (digitally speaking), well, the content of the platform varies around the region in which we are due to the rights of each series or movie of such that Netflix Spain may have rights that Netflix USA or other countries do not have.

Changing your Netflix location is a very good idea , and although there are free ways to do it since there are many free VPNs, it is best to try some paid and see how well it works, as many have some limitations such as connection time or bandwidth. Without further ado, now we will explain how you can use a VPN to change your location on Netflix:

  1. First of all it will be to download a free VPN , we will use Proton VPN from the link that we leave you at the bottom.
  2. Now, once the VPN is downloaded and installed, we will have to create an account .
  3. Then we will choose the country that we want to be able to connect, in the free version we will only be able to in three different regions: USA, Japan or the Netherlands.
  1. To select the country we will only have to access Netflix from our computer and we will be able to see Netflix content from another country.

You must bear in mind that to be able to watch Netflix content from another location you will have to have an account from that country, so your Netflix Spain account will not help you to watch Netflix in the US or any other country. And this is how with a VPN we can change our location and be able to watch Netflix from another country without leaving yours.

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