How To Convert text to speech online

Not only is the range of choice of speech synthesizers increasingly broad, but at the same time these solutions are increasingly effective and credible. In practice, text to speech programs , capable of converting text into speech, exploit neural networks to return a final result that is increasingly similar to the spoken language.

Offered in both a free version and a more complete version for converting a greater number of words, speech synthesizers allow you to export the written text to audio files and then reproduce them quickly and easily. Here are some tools not to lose sight of.

Hearling, speech synthesizer for language, dialect and voice

The operation of Hearling also goes in the wake of what has been seen with the other speech synthesizers. The choice option is twofold. After creating an account, the user can convert up to 5,000 characters to audio with standard voices that are less advanced and less natural. Or 1,250 via WaveNet ones that are better. More exactly, all the rumors on Hearling currently come from the Google Cloud text-to-speech platform . Standard refers to the old text-to-speech methods. It is generally of good quality, but still has a robotic sound.

WaveNet refers to voices that take advantage of machine learning to synthesize speech and is more human-like. Of interest, in addition to the ease of use, there is the high degree of customization granted to users. All of them can choose the language, the dialect and the voice. To be clear, the Italian has 8 voices with different timbre and expressiveness to choose from. To date, Hearling has not been thoroughly tested and there may be unexpected errors. Limits are a safety precaution as long as everything runs smoothly. There is a free plan and two paid plans (at $ 5 and $ 15 per month).

Natural and pleasant voices with the Kukarella vocal synthesizer

Even Kukarella gives access to neural voices. It allows you to convert text to voice online for a variety of services. For example for a promotional video, for animations or public announcements, for an audiobook or a Powerpoint presentation. Compared to other speech synthesizers that do not give users the ability to save files, on Kukarella all documents are kept in a personal archive and available for download or sharing. The service is free after registration and allows you to convert a maximum of 2,000 words into speech. Otherwise or without registration, the use of Kukarella is limited to 500 characters .

The strong point is the push that comes from the synthesis engines of Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft . The terms of service give the application user ownership of the copyrights of the audio recordings, provided the text is original or used legally. In practice, if the user owns the copyright of the text, he also owns the copyright of the recordings. Kukarella allows for commercial use of audio, created with any piano. The paid release offers more voices for even more natural and enjoyable final results.

Text 2 Speech to convert text up to 4,000 characters into speech

Like the previous ones, Text 2 Speech is also a free service with which to convert text into speech. Using the online software is very simple as it is sufficient to connect to the platform, type the text to convert, choose the voice and the playback speed . At that point, enter the name of the audio file in the dedicated text field and click on the Start button. Text 2 Speech starts processing and, as soon as it is finished, it can be heard. The program also allows you to download the file in mp3 or wav format.

From an operational point of view, Text 2 speech allows you to convert texts up to 4,000 characters in length free of charge . As specified in the terms of use, the service is always free – albeit with the limits just examined – and the voice files produced can be exploited for any purpose, including commercial uses. Among other things, the speech synthesizer offers both male and female voices. All this takes place in the context of a simple and essential interface , accessible both from desktop PC and from mobile devices.


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