How to contact WhatsApp support? – From mobile and PC

WhatsApp is the largest and most well-known instant messaging worldwide, this platform has different benefits when communicating, as well as an excellent service; However, after using it for a long time, some type of failure may occur in its operation.

How to Contact WhatsApp Support? – From Mobile and PC

Whether it is a defect when viewing images, states or that notifications do not reach you, among others. Some other error, for example  , you cannot see WhatsApp states . For this you can contact the support of  and present your case.

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  1. What steps should you take to contact WhatsApp support?
    1. From the Android or iPhone mobile application
    2. Using the WhatsApp Web site
  2. How long does WhatsApp support take to answer your requests?
  3. Where can you locate the contact emails of your WhatsApp application?
  4. Why doesn’t WhatsApp support respond to your sent requests?

What steps should you take to contact WhatsApp support?

The WhatsApp platform has a contact page, which allows you to locate the support, whatever version you have installed of this platform. This for any eventuality that may arise at the time of use.

In addition, when contacting this support you can do it from your mobile or also from your PC, from the device you want.  The steps you must follow to be able to contact WhatsApp support are very simple, but this may also vary depending on where you carry out this process from .

Either from your mobile (Android or iPhone), or from your PC, their process may be similar and at the same time may have differences. Next, you will know the steps that you must follow so that, when doing this process, you do it quickly and easily.

From the Android or iPhone mobile application

From Android, go to the WhatsApp app on your mobile, select the three points that appear on the right side of the screen , to be more precise at the top, then open the “settings” option, in the alternatives, choose the ‘help’, there click on ‘contact us’.

Then you must fill in the form and describe the situation or the failure, if you have screenshots, add them, click on next  to continue with the procedure .

Next, the most frequently asked questions will appear, if none of them match your case, choose “I don’t see my answer” and there your email account will be opened immediately. In this way you can expose your problems with the data of your mobile device and the doubts you have.

From iOS, the procedure is practically the same as on Android, first go to your WhatsApp app for iOS, select the configuration option. Subsequently, choose the ‘help’ alternative, and click on ‘contact us’.

There you can expose your problem, and if you have screenshots you can add them, click on ‘next’, there check if your question appears or not in the frequently asked questions, in case it does not automatically open your email, through This will solve doubts and problems.

Finally, there you must insert everything you need to present your case and add screenshots or any relevant information .

Using the WhatsApp Web site

By using this means to be able to contact WhatsApp support, it will not be possible, since it is not yet available even if you have activated this platform on your PC . However, you will be able to do the first steps such as entering the three points in the upper right.

Go to ‘settings’ and then enter the ‘help’ option and then ‘contact us’, it’s basically the same procedure as on your mobile, except that when you click there a notice will appear saying, ‘it’s not available yet’ the support request form for the desktop option.

Therefore, you will not be able to complete the procedure, however, you can do it with the traditional method through your mobile , or by entering the WhatsApp contact page .

How long does WhatsApp support take to answer your requests?

There is no exact date or period of time to respond, that is, this time may vary. Although normally, WhatsApp support responds in 24 to 48 hours.

Where can you locate the contact emails of your WhatsApp application?

When contacting the WhatsApp platform via email, we first need to go to the page of this app, in the ‘ contact WhatsApp ‘ part there will appear some options on how to communicate with WhatsApp.

We will go to the second option where it says WhatsApp Business support, there we will click on contact us and the address [email protected] will appear when clicked, a small window will open and we will give the first option to send an email .

There we can immediately contact the WhatsApp services and express the inconvenience or question that we have at the moment.

Why doesn’t WhatsApp support respond to your sent requests?

Normally, WhatsApp responds to all the requests sent, it may take a while in some cases, but you will always have an answer . However, it is essential that you carry out a verification to find out if you sent the requests to the correct contact number or email.

WhatsApp support is quite useful, especially when the application usually has problems, for example when it does not load audiovisual material and does not respond on time, for this you can choose to contact support.


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