How to change my public Facebook account to private from my mobile or PC?

Facebook is classified as one of the most prominent and used social networks in the world. This platform is very easy to access and allows direct contact with thousands of people anywhere in the world.

Most people to share with their friends and relatives have a Facebook profile, but, nevertheless, the publications are public , which means that anyone (other than acquaintances) can see them.

How to Transfer my Public Facebook Account to Private From the Mobile or PC?

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  1. How to choose who can find you on Facebook?
  2. What should you do to make your Facebook friends list private?
    1. How to hide your images and videos?
    2. How can you hide all your information?
  3. What should you do to choose the people who can comment on your posts?
  4. How to prevent people from Facebook from being able to add you?

How to choose who can find you on Facebook?

For this, the privacy of users is of great importance, including those matters that come from your search activity. Most people can search for you and see your profile and information, except for people you’ve blocked .

However, the information they can see about you in search results will depend on what you share with others. The results of these searches respect your privacy settings, whether it is the information you have shared or in which you have been tagged.

Keep in mind that you will be able to modify what other users can see on your timeline and profile, and who can see what you share. It is important to know how to set the profile to private , so you will have a more secure account and you can enjoy your privacy. There are two ways: From your mobile or from your PC.

To put your private Facebook account from your mobile, start by entering this social network and selecting the menu in the right-hand corner, after this you must enter the ‘settings and privacy’ section, followed by this select the setting.

After this, you must go to the bottom, and click on ‘privacy’, there enter ‘privacy settings’, once there, you will see the sections about the privacy of your account, various options will also appear.

Also, if you enter your information you can configure your data that you want to be private . Now, if you want to carry out this privacy process from your PC, the steps to follow are similar to those you do from your mobile, you just have to pay attention and that’s it.

What should you do to make your Facebook friends list private?

If you want to keep your list of friends, privately on this platform, you must start by accessing Facebook , then go to the menu on the right side , and click on settings and privacy, go to the option to find yourself and place yourself on I will contact you.

Next, click on who can see your friends list, if you are looking for the list of your friends to be hidden, you just have to select the option ‘only me’ , in addition, there are options such as that all your friends see it, specific friends or that everyone sees it so you choose.

How to hide your images and videos?

If you want a photo not to be visible to other users on Facebook , and you don’t want to delete it, the best option is to hide it, for this you must change your privacy options so that only you can see it.

To do this, select the image or video you want to hide, then go to the privacy icon of the image, this is next to the date, there the options will appear (public, friends, friends except), you must click on ´more´ to see the other alternatives.

There you will choose the ‘Only me’ option, so your photo or video will no longer be visible to the rest of your friends except you, likewise the comments, likes and other information will remain intact. If you later want to change this , you just have to change the privacy to friends . You also have the option to hide posts without restricting your contacts.

How can you hide all your information?

If you want to hide all the information of your Facebook profile in order to have more privacy, first enter the social network and select the question mark icon, which appears on the screen, there the pop-up menu will appear, click on the option to configure privacy .

After this, some options will open, there you must configure who can see your publications, there you choose the only me option, after this it will show you a list with all the information of your profile, from personal data to data from social networks.


It should be noted that so that no one has access to this information, you must click on the windows and select the option ‘only me’, when you finish click on next, there will appear a series of applications and websites that you have authorized to publish in your profile.

Also there you must select the option ‘only me’, in all applications so that you can see their messages and finally select finish.

What should you do to choose the people who can comment on your posts?

If you want only certain people to be able to comment on your posts , you must do the following, access the settings and privacy section, there choose the configuration option, select public posts, then modify with others.

There you can select who can comment, if the public, friends or friends of friends, in this way you can choose the alternative you want.

How to prevent people from Facebook from being able to add you?

If you want to avoid the presence of strangers in your profile, there is a very simple method, all through the menu of this app, first go to settings and privacy, then in settings go to privacy, select settings and privacy.

Then go to where it says to find you and get in touch with you, then in the question of who can send you requests. You can choose only friends of my friends.

This will reduce the type of people who can add you and thus only be able to send you friend requests to people who are related to your circle of friends and no strangers will enter.


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