How to contact PayPal?

When you need to contact PayPal you should know what methods you have, although the truth is that there are not many ways to contact them as you will see below, what they do is try to get the user to read some questions before carrying out the communication.

PayPay offers a section on its website called the Help Center , from which various common problems that a customer who uses the service may encounter arise, from payment problems, to questions about their account, access password, etc.

Most of the doubts can be resolved by consulting this list of questions, in this way it is more comfortable for the user because they will not have to resort to any other means of contact, but if the Help Center does not solve the problem, there is another option plus.

Contact PayPal by phone

One of the ways you have to contact PayPal is to use the telephone , that is, you would have to dial a specific number and offer the person who answers you an identification code that PayPal itself provides on its website when you log in with your account. .

Through the link that we leave below, when you click on “call us”, PayPal will force you to log in with your account and will assign you that temporary number as a reference that you will have to give the operator once you call 91 836 29 90, which may entail costs.

This phone is available Monday through Friday from 9 in the morning to 7:30 in the afternoon . They also have another number that is free, it is 900 801 665, although PayPal clarifies that the call has no cost as long as it is made from a local landline phone.

If you are outside of Spain, the number to dial and contact the technical service is +34 91 836 29 90. To call make sure you are the owner of the PayPal account as they will only resolve issues with the owner.

Web: PayPal phone

PayPal support via Twitter and Facebook

PayPal has a specific Twitter profile called @AskPayPal that answers questions in Spanish, Portuguese and other languages. It would be enough to send them a private message from your account and wait for the response, it may take several hours or days until they respond.

Web: Twitter PayPal

It also has an official Facebook account through which you can also contact them by private message, then it is a matter of waiting for the answer about your problem, question or any other question that you have raised.

Web: Facebook PayPal

There are no more ways to contact PayPal , probably the most comfortable is Twitter, although you always have the option of consulting the Help Center first before contacting them, probably the solution is found in that list of questions that we told you before.

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