How to know if my Facebook data has been leaked

If you are a Facebook user , that is, if you have created a profile on this social network, your personal data may have been compromised on more than one occasion, when there have been vulnerabilities on this social platform. So how do I know if my Facebook data has been leaked? We show you below.

Facebook is one of the social platforms with the most users in the world. It currently has more than 2,700 million accounts within its platform. With these figures it can be seen that millions of personal data of each of the users are handled.

In 2019 and in 2021 there were several episodes in which it was detected that data from Facebook users had been leaked. These data are personal because they include the phone number associated with the account, the name on Facebook, the location, date of birth and email accounts.

In the event that you are a Facebook user and you want to know if your data was or is circulating on the network, we will show you how to know if my Facebook data has been leaked. C heck yourself if your details have leaked some time is the only way you have to know because if it occurred Facebook not sent you or you are sending any notification to respect.

The way to know if my data has been leaked on Facebook is through a website external to Facebook. You have to enter and in the search box enter your email or email. If the results appear in green, your data has not been filtered.

If they appear in red, they have ever been leaked . Then the best thing is that you change the password of your Facebook account. Also, the page on which other massive leaks your email appears. Below you can see on which pages your registration data was visible.


You already know how to know if my Facebook data has been leaked, but you may have also heard rumors about a public list of passwords so you may wonder: Is there a public list of leaked passwords? Here’s what we know about it.

In June of this year, a user published in a hacker forum the largest list of leaked passwords under the name of RockYou2021. The list exists, but we have not been able to find it publicly and easily accessible.


If you need to know if your passwords are among those that were once leaked, discover how to know if your Facebook passwords have been hacked easily and quickly.

For this you can use the Cybernews password verifier . You only have to enter the web by clicking here  and then enter the password that you want to see if it has been hacked. Then click on “Check now”. The result will be shown in green if the password has not been filtered and in red if it has been discovered.


The leaked password databases that are discovered are given different names. The largest one discovered in June was christened RockYou2021. E sta database was the largest published so far with more than eight million passwords leaked.  

Its predecessor was known as COMB, another of the most important databases that had 3,200 million passwords. All these passwords that appear in the databases are written without spaces and usually have between 6 and 20 characters.

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