How to connect your TV to the Internet if you don’t have WiFi

The arrival of technology to TVs was a long time ago, but they still exist and sell televisions that are not Smart TVs and do not have Internet access, so today we will explain how you can connect your TV to the Internet if it does not have WiFi or Ethernet input .

The oldest TVs or the cheapest models on the market are televisions that are not Smart TVs so we will have to have some tricks and throw away a little wallet to be able to connect them to the Internet and thus see more content, such as, for example, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video among many others.

Why connect a television to the Internet?

There are many reasons why we can or should connect our television to the Internet:

  • Watch series and movies from streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Disney Plus, and thus access more content than what we are used to seeing on DTT.
  • Listen to music with Spotify , yes apart from having a web player, Spotify can be listened to on TV with the Internet.
  • Watch YouTube videos, if you are tired of watching your videos on your mobile screen, connecting your TV to the Internet will give you the opportunity to watch your videos on the big screen.
  • Seeing and listening to network news , just as we see the news on the newscasts, we can see them on our mobile phone and therefore we can also see them on our TV connected to the Internet.
  • Duplicate the screen of our mobile or Tablet , by connecting our television to the Internet we can send the content of the screen of our mobile or Tablet and thus be able to see everything we have on our mobiles.
  • Playing video games , surely more than once you have wanted to play on a screen larger than 50 inches, because if we connect the TV to the Internet, we can have that greater gaming experience.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the oldest or cheapest TVs do not have Internet, so we will have to resort to other devices to be able to have that connection, they all work through a single port, the HDMI.

Google Chromecast

Google’s smart device, the Google Chromecast , allows us to connect our television to our devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, so for a price of about 30 euros we can have Internet on TV and thus watch any digital content on television.

It will only be enough to connect the Chromecast to the HDMI and in turn to the USB port of the TV (if it has one) to supply power to the device and connect it to the WiFi network of our home and start sending content from our devices .

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

The portable device from Amazon, comes to pleasantly surprise us also thanks to its HDMI connection we can also connect the Internet TV and enjoy all the applications and streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney Plus among many others.

The Amazon device is accompanied by a command with which we can fully manage the application change to view other content and also its volume.

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Xiaomi TV Box

The device that Xiaomi offers us to connect the TV to the Internet in addition to being able to turn it into a fully functional Smart TV , the Xiaomi TV Box has a WiFi, HDMI connection and you can also play content in 4K as long as your TV is compatible.

In this small device you can install applications from Google Play and enjoy a more connected experience even more, it also has a remote with voice control and you can also play some games via bluetooth through it.

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As you can see, connecting your television to the Internet without it having WiFi is very easy, although we have to fork out some money first, but it will be much cheaper than buying a Smart TV.

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