How to connect two Mac laptops with Ethernet together

Ethernet is known as the network of connection between computers through a cable, allowing to  have a network of computers united in the same common area. It is even possible to connect two Mac notebook computers with Ethernet together. Don’t miss this section ..!

Ethernet is normally used in large and small companies so that their employees manage the same information from the same space. Paying attention to this utility, we will tell you how to do it with a simple step by step.

Is it possible to connect two Mac laptops with Ethernet together?

Once this question has been raised, it remains to be clarified, so we will help you answer it easily. It is very common to observe that people connect these Ethernet cables to a modem or other device, however they do not dare to connect computers together.

In this regard, it is convenient to say that files can be transferred between devices without any problem using the Ethernet cable. Let’s get started:

  1. First turn on both laptops, you will need to have an Ethernet network adapter on hand. And said cable.
  2. Then, you must enter one of the PCs and right-click on the “Open networks and shared centers” window. This should be done on each connected computer .
  3.  Following the same order of ideas, you must click on the “Ethernet” connection and you will have to click on “Properties.
  4. Now, once there you have to click on “Protocol version 4 TCP ” and click on properties again.
  5. Once the previous step has been completed, you must now click on “use the following IP address”. And put the following number “” and in the next computer enter the following IP: “
  6. This will take you as the next step to click on “Validate configuration on exit” and click OK. Wait for the network diagnostic to see if a problem is detected.

Once this is done you can search for the other computer on the network. However, you will not be able to share information.
As you can see, it is very easy to connect two laptops with Ethernet, but will you be able to transfer files between them? Let’s see next.

Can I transfer files between computers connected by Ethernet?

If you can do it in a very short time, how? Well, you will simply have to create a group at home. And you will have to select the files you want to share regardless of what they are; documents, photos, or files.

Click on the next one and  you will have to write down a password that the PC provides you.  Proceed to click on finish and that’s all you have to do to share your files from one computer to another.

It is not difficult at all to unite and share such information, you just have to follow the step by step to have a guaranteed success.

What advantages does Ethernet offer today?

By having 1 Gbps you can improve your bandwidth in the internet connection , allowing you to enjoy better speed in it. You can have more security, many times our data is shared when entering our database through Wi-Fi, however Ethernet provides protection by ensuring your decrypted data.

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, Ethernet allows us to transmit information from one PC or computer to another, without any problem. Allowing you to better perform the work to be done.

Ethernet has caused a stir in the business industry for its versatility of use, we recommend you try this kind of technology to enjoy the best connection .

With this knowledge you will have the ability to connect two Mac laptops with Ethernet. In conclusion, we hope that the information we give you today will be useful to you. Do not forget to tell us about your experience, we love reading them.


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